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In 2011 America some of the problems we are facing are Health Care, Social Security cut backs and the ever over powering Budget Deficit. The threats loom over us like black storm…
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Whats the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative in 2011 American Politics
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What’s The Difference Between a “Liberal” and a “Conservative in American Politics Susan Hurtubise Academia Research What’s the difference between “Liberals” and “Conservatives” in 2011 American Politics? In 2011 America some of the problems we are facing are Health Care, Social Security cut backs and the ever over powering Budget Deficit. The threats loom over us like black storm clouds that we are unable to do anything about. This is the main difference between Liberals and Conservatives today. Liberals feel that it is their responsibility to make decisions for the American people, while Conservatives believe that the American people should be empowered to solve their own problems. (Student News Daily, 2010)
The Liberals want Government controlled health care. The Conservatives support a competitive, free market health care system. Liberals believe that undocumented aliens (illegals) have the right to the same benefits as citizens. Conservatives do not. Liberals believe that the Social Security system should be protected at all costs whereas the Conservatives feel people should be allowed to handle their own savings.
Conservatives liken Liberals AKA Progressives to a person who goes in and tears down a house, leaving the tenants homeless, with no ideas for rebuilding. Conservatives are full of ideas but have been unable to rally enough support to initiate any of them. (American Thinker, 2007) When it comes to taxes, Conservatives feel that the people are pretty darn good at handling money and that tax cuts increase revenue and the spending power of the American people increasing Government profit. Liberals on the other hand feel that in the people’s hands money is not well spent and that the Government should regulate it, redistributing it where they see fit.
To quote paleoconservative Pat Buchanan, with regards to the bailout, “What we are witnessing is what happens to a prodigal nation that ignores history, and forgets and abandons the philosophies and principals that made it great.” (Quinn, 2008) While on the other side of the fence, what seems a rather unflattering statement is what the Liberals are saying about Obama, “Obama Sounds Like a Fool Because He’s Just So Darn Brilliant”, referring to his “Intellectual Stammer”. (Eden, 2011)
To be a Liberal is to defend the freedom - the Liberty - of all people who make up our great nation. (McKinley, n.d.) Conservatives overwhelmingly believe if you go around and work hard and persevere, youre going to get ahead. (Schulte, 2008) As you can see the differences are many. What matters most however, are not the differences, but whether or not they can put their differences aside and do what is right for America.
In conclusion, it would appear that Liberals, though they seemingly believe in securing Liberty for all Americans, want to do so while still being in control of the apron strings. Conservatives on the other hand, seem to follow the ideal that the American people should make their own way in this world; their Government standing ready to support them when needed. In the end this writer hopes that whatever their differences, the Liberals and Conservatives unite to bring forth on this continent a once again, ”United Nation”.
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