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Texas, like other states has housed many large events in its history. These events are responsible for the birth of Texas. Texas became a state in 1845. Texas…
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Trace the events surrounding the Birth of Texas
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Texan History, Events That Shaped Its Birth The of Texas has a large history that has changed over time in order to shape Texas into the state it is today. Texas, like other states has housed many large events in its history. These events are responsible for the birth of Texas. Texas became a state in 1845. Texas was first known as the independent republic of Texas. Texas even held its own president during this time. The Mexican War determined boundaries and oil expansion allowed for the states wealth. Although many events shaped the birth of Texas, these three specific events shaped Texas into its now known state.
The Mexican War was a large event that lasted from 1846 – 1848. This war was initiated over borders. This war helped determine Texan borders and allowed for Texas to house its current shape and size. Before the Mexican War Texas was Spanish owned and slow to develop. After settlers took over Texas, Texas flourished with natural resources.
Since Texas was once owned by the Spanish it is home to many Spanish Americans. When Texas was Spanish owned it quickly became over populated with American settlers. American settlers saw the potential that Texas housed and were eager to develop. This over population of Americans, land disputes and promising future fueled Americans to fight and take over this land from the Spanish. After just a few short years of battle, Texas became known as the Independent Republic of Texas.
The independent Republic of Texas lasted for ten years. During these ten years many smaller events took place and are now know as Texan history. This republic lasted from 1836 to 1846. The Texas Revolution is largely responsible for the states independence. The first flag of Texas was the Burnet Flag and was eventually replaced by the current and well known lone star flag. There were many different presidents during this time and a formal congress.
After holding its own republic for ten years Texas eventually became known as the 28th state of America. This annexation into the United States took place in 1845. This was a success as the first annexation in 1837 was unsuccessful due to the thought of war.
Oil, oil and more oil was largely popular in the early 1900’s. The discovery of the much oil housed by Texas allowed Texas to eventually become a very wealthy state. In 1901, oil was discovered which led to the discovery of much more oil which covered basically the whole entire state of Texas. Texas and its discovery of oil allowed for Texas to grow and become powerful. The use of oil was so powerful in Texas that the state was only minimally affected by The Great Depression. While other states were put to sorrow by The Great Depression, Texas only witnessed minimal affects.
The Mexican War that shaped borders, Texas’ once known independence and the discovery of oil allowed Texas to be known as the State that it is today. Each event was significant toward the history of Texas and Texas would not be the state it is today without them. Read More
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