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Tower of Pisa - Essay Example

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The essay "Tower of Pisa" deals with the leaning tower of Pisa which is constructed to show the wealth of the city of Pisa to the world. Nevertheless, The people of Pisa are good sailors and they manage to conquer many lands including; Jerusalem, Norway, and Morocco among others. …
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Tower of Pisa
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Extract of sample "Tower of Pisa"

Download file to see previous pages As suggested by Puzrin, Alonso and Pinyol (2010), experts have not been agreeing on the problem leading to the failure of the project. Some argue that it is static while others argue that it was the ground sinking or the effects of the design used by the particular architect. The main cause of the leaning is attributed to the reaction of composite clay, sand, and shells on which the tower is built on. The tower was prone to two major risks one being a failure in the structure of the fragile masonry and toppling as a result of the breaking up the of the foundation’s subsoil. One of the solutions put in place to counter this problem was the installation of a counterweight on the northern side of the base of the tower so as to stop the tilting. This solution did not succeed and therefore another solution was initiated in 1995. This involved inserting compressed steel cables and the same compressing was done to the subsoil. This instead increased the leaning of the tower. After the period of structural restoration, the tower is now undergoing surface restoration so as to repair visual damage especially corrosion and darkening. In 1964 the Italian government requested for assistance in saving the tower from collapsing, however it was considered to leave the tilt as it was vital for promoting tourism in the city of Pisa, as suggested by D’Alfonso (2005) Owing to the failure of the solutions used for restoring the tilting of the tower, the Italian commission embarked on a subsoil study program in 1965. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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