The Nature of Evangelical Religion in New England in the 17th Century - Essay Example

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The main idea of this essay "The Nature of Evangelical Religion in New England in the 17th Century" is detail information about what were the first two successful colonies in New England and what was the main religion for all of New England’s colonies except Rhode Island…
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The Nature of Evangelical Religion in New England in the 17th Century
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When the initial attempt was made to colonize England, the effort did not meet with due achievement nor did it give any indication of success in future. One settlement was established at Sagadahoc in Maine but this collapsed soon owing to monetary problems. There was a difference of twelve years after which attempts were made again. The two successful colonies were thus discovered. They succeeded because of “profit seeking impulses of gentlemen backers than to a desire to create refuges for English people beset by religious, economic and political woes at home. (Anderson, 195)” Diseases like plague destroyed the colonies and measles and the colonists inferred it was God’s action to vacate the colonial land such that His selected men could occupy the same. Puritan religion dominated entire New England except the Rhode Island. The founders of the two successful colonies of New England were of Puritan origin and got themselves involved in hiring people from their co-religious backdrops. Though a few of the settlers did not have common views with that of the founders, they were rather governed b the “common purpose”. However the Puritans found the growing turn towards Protestant thoughts or Armenianism. Evangelical religion in fact is a reputed movement of Protestants and the turn of thought towards this religion took place during early eighteenth century (Bebbington, 1). Read More
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The Nature of Evangelical Religion in New England in the 17th Century Essay - 64.
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