The Heroic Efforts of William Orlando Darby - Essay Example

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In this essay, the author demonstrates how Darby was awarded many awards of service throughout his career in the army and is a renowned officer in the United States Army. Also, the author describes how he added a new chapter in the history of Arkansas with his courage and valor…
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The Heroic Efforts of William Orlando Darby
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Download file to see previous pages William Orlando Darby was born on February 18 in 1911 in the state of Arkansas in Fort Smith. He belonged to a quaint family of four with a younger sister named Doris. William O. Darby’s father was a simple man who owned a print shop and was known to have a wonderful personality which, it is said, he passed on to his son, while his mother – Nell – was a homemaker.
As a chilled Darby attended the Belle Grove School until he was in sixth grade after which time he began to attend the Fort Smith High School. At the time of his graduation from high school, Darby received his appointment letter from West Point Military Academy and joined the institute as a cadet. He gradually became ca cadet company commander and Darby, though later was known to be one of the greatest infantrymen that the country had ever seen, graduated from West Point in June 1933 as a second lieutenant with artillery as his choice of career. From the est point, he later was assigned for duty in the 82nd field artillery which belonged to the 1st cavalry division and was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. At the time that Darby joined the division, it was the only artillery unit remaining in the army which was on horse back. After serving some time there he was promoted to the rank of captain in October of 1940 and thereafter received amphibious training.
Darby was soon assigned to be the aide-de-camp to Major General Russell P. Hartle who was the commander of the thirty-fourth infantry division . Soon the bombing by the Japanese of Pearl Harbor in 1941 led to the deployment of the division to Northern Ireland in January of 1942 and Darby was also deployed. In Northern, Ireland Darby was to meet General Lucian K. Truscott, who was put in charge of acquiring volunteers from the 34th infantry and the 1st armored division for the establishment of a new unit of elite commandos. These were to be acquired from the already thin contingency of troops who were in the United Kingdom at the time which was not much to work with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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