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The intellectual history of Islamic Spain-time frame 711 to 1248 - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "The intellectual history of Islamic Spain-time frame 711 to 1248" examines the outcome of the interaction of Islam with Christianity and Judaism during the period 711-1248 and how it shaped the intellectual history of Spain…
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The intellectual history of Islamic Spain-time frame 711 to 1248
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Extract of sample "The intellectual history of Islamic Spain-time frame 711 to 1248"

Download file to see previous pages Skilled artisans commanded respect and had ample creative opportunities. When one evaluates the merits of the city during that period, with a population of half a million, no more elaboration is needed about the administration. The city included many suburbs, a good number of mosques, public utilities, suqs (markets), many palaces and apparel manufacturing units. In the early 11th century, with mounting economic and military pressures, the disintegration of the caliphate commenced. Bishko writes, “On the political side, indeed, we are given a pious but unrealistic hypothesis that the breakdown of the Caliphate and the failure of its successor states can be ascribed to the fact that a great imperial power violates per se the spiritual premises of Islam. We are further told that schism between the power-hungry, materialistic upper class and the profundity of religious masses made political unity and defeat of the Christian advance impossible.”(Bishko, 1966, p.142) Many small kingdoms are known as taifas sprouted. But from the angle of lifestyles, they followed the original pattern of Cordoba. With the end of the caliphate and petty kingdoms(taifas) coming into prominence in the 11th century, the importance switched over to Granada(Gharnatah) A tribe known as Zirids shifted from Cordoba and established an independent kingdom in Granada. “At the beginning of the eleventh century (fifth century, Anno Hegirae), the old Muslim power of caliph and Amir in Central and Southern Spain seemed to stand unassailable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Intellectual History of Islamic Spain-Time Frame 711 to 1248 Research Paper.
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