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The Ancient Greek View of Life and the Objects Pertaining to Their Culture - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the creation of four classes which each had a set of rights and duties: they were, in order of decreasing wealth, the Pentacosiomedimni, Hippies, Zeugitae. These classes formed groups that eventually became the governmental bodies in a democracy…
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The Ancient Greek View of Life and the Objects Pertaining to Their Culture
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Extract of sample "The Ancient Greek View of Life and the Objects Pertaining to Their Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The archons or magistrates was reserved for the two higher income groups, and they occupied the higher governmental post. The retired archons then comprised the Areopagus, who oversaw and called attention to any improper actions of the Ecclesia (Kurt A. Raaflaub, Josiah Ober, and Robert W. Wallace, Origins of democracy in ancient Greece, 2007). The laws eventually created by the Ecclesia eliminated slavery of Athenians by Athenians, established rules and procedures for legal redress against abusive archons, and determined political privilege based on productive wealth rather than noble birth. This early democratic system was eventually adopted by the Romans. Many of the basic principles of rule by the people were adopted; Rome had its Senate which took the place of the Assembly, and its decemviri took the place of the boule. The property classes were comprised of the patricians (the ruling families) and the plebeians, and leadership of the government was placed on the shoulders of the tribune (Mogens Herman Hansen, The Tradition of the Athenian Democracy, 1992). However, the central idea of popular government remained consistent. Of course, the same Roman model had evolved into the present American system, which generally retained some of the same nomenclatures. The structure of the Senate with a broader assembly in the House of Representatives as the legislature, the members thereof adopting the title “solon,” is a tribute to the Greco-Roman beginnings. An executive branch is led by the President in place of the tribunes, and the magistrates comprise the judiciary.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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