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American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points - Article Example

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The writer of this paper states that Woodrow Wilson gave a speech that laid down expectations of the United States toward world policy. This speech is called Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points. These 14 points were considered by Great Britain, France, and Germany…
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American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points
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Extract of sample "American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points"

 This outline included diplomacy must be open, free international waters, world trade encouraged through lowered economic barriers, low army upkeep, colonial claims adjusted, the new territorial boundaries that returned land to Russia, Belgium, France, and Italy, Turkey and Poland would become sovereign nations, Austria-Hungary should have free autonomous development, Rumania, Serbia, and Montenegro should be evacuated by Central Powers, and a league of Nations should be formed (Wilson 1917). All of these suggestions, along with reparations and other demands by England and France came about, except for the League of Nations. Wilson was a man before his time because the U.N. would form after WWII. In 1917, the world was not ready for a global body of like the U.N., or the League of Nations.

The 14 points were also used as propaganda to help bolster Wilson’s war and to give the Germans a message. The message given must have been the right one since Germany surrendered without being totally overrun like in WWII. The United States wanted these points to be addressed in any treaty discussed. The Versailles Treaty’s harsh measures were due to England, France, and other negotiating countries. America did go along with these harsh terms, not realizing the oppressive terms would lead to WWII. Read More
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(American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points Article)
American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points Article.
“American President Woodrow Wilson and the Importance of His 14 Points Article”, n.d.
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