How Does the Understanding of the Origins and Spread of Nationalism Inform Our Reading of Frankenstein - Assignment Example

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This paper "How Does the Understanding of the Origins and Spread of Nationalism Inform Our Reading of Frankenstein?" focuses on the fact that an interesting observation can be read in Elizabeth A Fay’s book, “A feminist introduction to romanticism.” concerning the issue suggested in the headline. …
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How Does the Understanding of the Origins and Spread of Nationalism Inform Our Reading of Frankenstein
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Extract of sample "How Does the Understanding of the Origins and Spread of Nationalism Inform Our Reading of Frankenstein"

Download file to see previous pages Frankenstein saw the light of the day when the modern western World was beginning to evolve. The people desperately needed a change and were fed up of the royal harassments. Most of the monarchies did not care for the welfare of the people and had no concrete plans to improve the living conditions of the people. The French Revolution evolved within the minds of the people, waiting for an opportune time to strike. This book was written during the Romantic movement of the early 19th century. The issues raised then are relevant even today. Mary Shelly is more or less prophetic in her observations as for the causes that led to the evolving of the spirit of Nationalism. If one turns the pages of the blood-soaked history of humanity, the conclusion is obvious. An individual’s aspirations should be fulfilled peacefully by the rulers and those occupying the seats of power. If that does not happen, what would be the results when those aspirations are attained by violent processes by adopting most irresponsible procedures!

The concepts of individual freedom and respect for one’s dignity—these are time-tested concepts for the healthy growth of society. Any political philosophy that tries to suppress these ideals by force will not last for long. We have seen the rise and abrupt fall of Nationalism evolved by adopting Communist ideology in Russia and some other western countries. The procedures and developmental strategies being officially encouraged by the Communist regime of China would put the Capitalist countries in the backseat. When Mary Shelley (then Mary Godwin) wrote Frankenstein in 1816, political conditions were such that the human spirit was tested to the brink. The prominent authors of the time took to serious writing on the concepts of uniqueness and self-realization. The individual’s emotions amidst their daily struggles became good story topics. These topics had the back up of direct experiences and hence they turned out to be unique stories and loved by the people.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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