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This essay discusses violence as the extension of physical force so as to injure or physically abuse any person. In its core, violence is often done to achieve certain objectives and goals of a person, a group of persons. General goals of the various terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda…
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Violence is considered as the extension of physical force so as to injure or physically abuse any person. In its core, violence is often done to achieve certain objectives and goals of a person, a group of persons. The recent wave of the use of violence as a weapon to achieve the specific as well as general goals of the various terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda are on increase where violence is being conducted on most organized and planned basis. However the notion that violence is necessary part of achieving specific as well as general objectives is not necessarily correct.
We have characters that are considered as the models who defied the violence as a mean to achieve their objectives. Probably the paramount example is of Jesus Christ. Records suggest that Jesus was a pacifist and the dictionary definition of Pacifist suggest someone as opposed to the violence. There is a very famous saying associated with Jesus that if someone slaps on your right cheeck, give him the left too. His teachings and methods were greatly opposed to the violence as a means to achieve the objectives. Though the political situation at that time were extremely volatile and violence would have been the most natural reaction however the same was not the case. Though evidence suggest that followers of Jesus were violent in their response to Jesus cruxification however Jesus himself as a prophet, as a leader and political activist. (Rational Chrastinity , 2008).
The second personality which we are going to discuss is the personality of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatama Gandhi oversaw one of the brightest freedom struggles in the World. The liberation of India from the British rule was one of the longest and bloodiest freedom struggles however Gandhi, by adapting the principles of AHANSA, refused to adapt violence as the mean to achieve his objectives. His Sataygra or Non Violence Movement is considered as one of the most organized political effort of non-violence where the whole India was united in their peaceful protest against the British Occupation. (BBC, 2000). Political history of also further suggests that Gandhi, who was killed by a Hindu, stood for the rights of divided India when India was separated into two states of Pakistan and India. It was because of these reasons that he was awarded the prestigious MAN OF THE CENTURY nomination at the turn of the new century.
The similarity between these two personalities is the fact they both adapted peace as the mean of achieving their objectives though at the cost of their own lives. The approach and resulting respect and reverence for the human life were almost same in the personalities of both of these leaders however what was more interesting is the fact that they though at some point in their careers as political leaders adapted violence but it was never used as mean to achieve any specific objective. Violence therefore by no mean an act which was adapted to achieve the objectives like the current violent organizations like Al-Qaeda and its associated organizations are doing to achieve their political ambitions.
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Rational Chrastinity . (2008). Did Jesus practice forgiveness? Retrieved April 08, 2008, from Read More
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Analysis of Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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