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Progressive Movement and Social Control - Essay Example

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The goal of this writing is to briefly introduce to the progressive movement in America.  Moreover, the writer of this paper "Progressive Movement and Social Control" assesses the progressives and describes its view on the events during the 1900 and 1920…
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Progressive Movement and Social Control
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"Progressive Movement and Social Control"

Download file to see previous pages In this progressive era, a young man with  great  political  experience  became  the  president  of  United  States  named   Theodore  Roosevelt. At  the  age  of  forty  he  became  the  youngest  president  of  United  States. The  main  cause  that  made  him  popular was  his  policies  that  reflected  his  personality  as  an  activist  and  moralist.In  this  progressive  era, a  young  man  with  great  political  experience  became  the  president  of  United  States  named   Theodore  Roosevelt. At  the  age  of  forty  he  became  the  youngest  president  of  United  States. The  main  cause  that  made  him  popular was  his  policies  that  reflected  his  personality  as  an  activist  and  moralist.
His  main  concern  was  railroad  regulation  which  ended  up  with  a  compromise  between  the  two  positions. His  greatest  achievement  was  to  conserve  America’s  natural  resource. He  won  a  noble  peace  prize  for  negotiating  an  end  to  Russo-Japanese  war  and  preserving  open  door  policy  in  China.
Woodrow Wilson was the  governor  of  New  Jersey  and  became  the  president  of  United  States  in  1912. He  started  the  Federal  Reserve  Act  in  1913. This  act  provided  the  control  of  government  over  banking. He  also  introduced  Federal  Trade  Commission  Act  that  regulated  the  trade  by  taking  commission  from  these  trade  corporations. He  appointed  commissioner  to  regulate  these  trades  affairs. The  appointment  of  these  commissioners  was  not  liked  by  progressives.
The  progressivism  was  exploited  mostly  by  the  white  men. Women  were  the  victims  of  progressivism. This  resulted  in  the  launch  of  National  Women  Party   which  fought  against  women  suffrage. Black  were  also  the  sufferers  of  progressivism. Rich  people  were  exploiting  poor  and  hampering  cultural  ethics  by  making  wrong  use  of  progressivism.
But  above  all  its  drawbacks  progressive  reform  developed  the  culture, lifestyle, new  trade  methods  and  much  more  advancements. The  government  became  more  responsible  towards  the  economic  and  social  welfare. Middle  class  people  became  more conscious  towards  their  right  in  the  society. The  banking  procedure  was  changed  and  got  under  the  control  of  government. Progressivism  preserved  the  capitalist  system. Progressivism  introduced  many  democratic  ideas  from  different  parts  of  the  society. This  was  the  end  of  nineteenth  century  and  progressivism  was  the  major  reform  of  this  century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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