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The Victorian era may seem like a different world from the one we live in today. The era also has several features that are familiar with those of the modern day. One main difference between these two periods is the role and perception of children and women in the society…
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Download file to see previous pages Childhood during the Victorian era was initially not associated with innocence and primitivism but as having inbred sin. The child was hence encouraged at all time to endeavour to overcome sinful Adam and warned against living in his ways (Mitchell, 1996). Children were also expected to help others with an aim of improving themselves and philanthropy was encouraged.
As a result of the industrial revolution, women had the opportunity to tenderly care for their children as their husbands went about making money. The mother's religious role at this time was to teach the child his/her patriotic duty of nation building. The woman had the duty of binding together her family with love under the guidance of the written word. A good number of treatises specifically and practically guided the woman on all aspects of nursery life; child education, dressing and healthcare (Mitchell, 1996).
Miniature quilts were made for children that were much similar to those of adults. The child was taught about morality with the bible acting as guide together with books such as the pilgrim's progress. In the 20th century the society became more children centred. Juvenile themes were used on quilts which included embroidery or appliqu.
The modern world recognizes the child as a very important member of society and asserts their rights to be free from any kind of discrimination irrespective of its own or its parents' colour, race, sex, political opinion, religion, ethnic, national or social origin, birth status, origin, disability or property. The girl child being a common target is given even greater attention to avoid practices like female genital mutilation, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, son preference, parental sex selection,...
The Victorian era may seem like a different world from the one we live in today. The era also has several features that are familiar with those of the modern day. One main difference between these two periods is the role and perception of children and women in the society.The place of women during the Victorian era has been clearly highlighted by Tennyson describing men as wielding swords while women stayed by the hearth holding needles. Queen Victoria became a model of domestic virtue and marital stability during her time.Her marriage represented what marital harmony meant and was often referred to as the nation's mother. She also was an icon of domesticity and middle-class femininity.
The period between 1837 and 1901 is specially known as the Victorian Era as it coincides with the reign of the great Queen Victoria of England (Harrison & Ford, 1983). The Victorian era was one that was filled with prosperity in Britain as the country made profits from its empires overseas and realised industrial improvements within England. This era saw the development of a large middle class that was adequately educated. The period is sometimes extended to include 1830 as a result of different sensibilities and political concerns associated with the people of this era.Today, women may not truly be aware of the benefits of living in a society that does not have a rigid class system. In the Victorian era, the woman’s role was rigidly defined offering very little (if any) alternatives for change. The modern woman of today is free and may choose an occupation of their choice without much restraint. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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THE VICTORIAN ERA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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