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Interpretation Methods - Essay Example

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Museums can be defined as the best way to connect our past with our present and our future. These places are the centers of knowledge and play a very effective role just like the educators. They not only support the creative industries but act as a powerful engine for regeneration…
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Interpretation Methods
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"Interpretation Methods"

Download file to see previous pages Scholarship and research are the basic requirements to achieve this goal.Many of England's museums were mainly established to promote learning. Although there are several other ways of learning but still, learning through objects is the most beneficial way. It is an interactive approach that can encourage the imagination stimulating an urge for discovery. The cumulative impact of museums on the lives of individuals as well as society is simply enormous. Many museums have already worked in partnership with a wide range of organizations in order to develop a better approach for learning programs. Most of the times, these activities take place inside the museum premises. But sometimes the museums take their collections and expertise out into public venues, residential homes, social gatherings, hospitals, prisons and schools. This can help us understanding the powerful impact of museum-based learning.
In the last ten years, living history is becoming more and more popular not only among museum professionals but the historic house visitor. This process is well established and flourishing in the USA. The use of live interpretation in Britain is lacking both the status and methodology in comparison with the other side of the Atlantic. In short, it is in its infancy. The living history technique is still having a long way to go before its acceptance by many British museum professionals, as a valid and effective technique of Social History Interpretation, instead of a simple approach just for children or special events. This acceptance mainly depends on exploring the potential educational and learning experience offered to all the visitors.

Living History
Living history can be defined as being a direct form of live interpretation, first person interpretation. Drama and Theatre is excluded in the field of Education because that they do not necessarily require a factual or historical basis. Whereas guiding, demonstration of a craft and the third person interpretation are historically and factually based, but they do not require any mark able performance skills. Battle re-enactments are excluded because this form of presentation frequently has no educational object. It has no historical context and is not linked to any performance skills. It should be noted that only first person interpretation requires an interesting combination of historical knowledge, performance skills and educational objectives.
The first use of living history method was in Europe less than one hundred years ago. Artur Hazelius (1833-1901), who is remembered for the Open Air Museum, founded Skansen, the Museum of Scandinavian Folklore in Stockholm. It was started in 1873. Although the museum gained popularity, he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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