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Freedom of Religion - Essay Example

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Freedom of Religion changed drastic over the years in the Colonies. Before the European came to America they obtained their own religion, but with the coming of the new pioneers and pilgrims a lot changed. …
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Freedom of Religion
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Freedom of Religion

Download file to see previous pages... Freedom of Religion changed drastic over the years in the Colonies.

Before the European came to America they obtained their own religion, but

with the coming of the new pioneers and pilgrims a lot changed. In the

period of the Religious wars in Europe many went to the new land to seek

their religious freedom in America. From 1607 till now many came to build

new settlements. Not to build the new perfect church as had happened in the

UK (Church of England) but to establish to worship freely. For the Native

there was a lot to achieved from this. Since the Spanish and French they

where confronted with the force upon them to be baptized as Catholic.

Therefor many events happened over the centuries to regain the religious

freedom as we know it today. We can find them in the following headings:

1. Native Americans and the European religions;

2. Pilgrims arrive in the Colonies of America;

3. Bill of Rights, the freedom of religion in the First Amendment;

4. Freedom of religion today;

If you can reconsider the

facts it is not short from Genocide. They suffered hard under the strict

religious regimes. Tribes where separated, they had no skills to write down

their own history and white men to advantage of it. The history written by

the white men most of the times makes it difficult to obtain information

the religions of the Native Americans. Many of the knowledge is lost.

Ruvolo (2008) mentions in his article the Iroquois as one Nation that had

A highly intelligent culture, well organized that where living as well in

the South Colonies as the North Colonies. Ruvolo (2008) calls them

as surpassed in greatness only by the advanced civilizations as the

Mayas, Aztecs and the Incas. There religion was based on the High Spirit

and evil was not denied. Their rituals contained worship services which

occurred in according seasonal periods over the year. The religion saved

them from being wiped out because of the similarities. It is a rare sample.

14089 4

Pilgrims arrive in the Colonies of America

After the Spanish, the English and the French the first settlers arrived

around 1620. A journey taken by the pilgrims in a search for the perfect

religion that could indeed satisfy the need of the people. In Europe wars drove

the believers other then Catholic to the New World. While Marten Luther had

translated the Bible, the Catholic where totally against the knowledge obtained

from the translation. Europe tore apart when people could read for themselves.

The article of Students from the University of North Carolina (2001) takes us

to the first settlers, the Quakers and the Puritans who started the first thirteen

Colonies based on their religious beliefs. They wanted to escape persecution

yet some of it already ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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