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Race and Power in the US: The Evil Hearts of Mankind - Essay Example

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An essay "Race and Power in the US: The Evil Hearts of Mankind" reports that conflicts escalating into full-blown wars allowed warring factions to employ every available resource to destabilize and eliminate its foe. Psychological warfare is nurtured to harden and manipulate the public…
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Race and Power in the US: The Evil Hearts of Mankind
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"Race and Power in the US: The Evil Hearts of Mankind"

Download file to see previous pages Yet after the sound of the victory cry, for some the vestiges of war refused to settle and will forever haunt them throughout their lives. In its clamor for freedom and equal rights, the US Congress, in its Act of March 26,1790 states that "any alien, being a free white person who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for a term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof." This provided a welcome avenue for the Japanese who began arriving in the US soil primarily to work as agricultural laborers. However, a US District Court in 1894 ruled that Japanese Immigrants or "Issei" could not be labeled as "free white person" based on the Naturalization Act of 1790. This came as a disappointment for the immigrants who have learned to regard America, their native soil. When the World War II escalated after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the plot to heighten racism towards the Japanese-Americans considered as an ethnic minority group mostly living in California also prospered. Foster asserted in an essay that, "In the first discharge of emotions touched off by the Japanese assaults on their nation, U.S. citizens have been demonstrating a distressing ignorance on the delicate questions of how to tell a Chinese from a Jap." This literary piece showed Japanese men whose pictures were marked to distinguished their physical profile and descriptions. Another picture showed Chinese journalist Joe Chiang, advertising his nationality as a non-Japanese "to gain entry to White House Press Conferences" in his chest. In the same article, Foster seems to insist that LIFE MAGAZINE is commendable for properly identifying friendly Chinese allies from the enemy Japanese. Statements like such encouraged hostility towards the Japanese-Americans and is further proven in his sentiment that, "At LIFE, we are here to direct your hatred to its proper object." TIME Magazine, not to be outdone also added their own description and grave remarks over the Japanese by using slurs like "Why The Yellow Bastards!"  It would have made an understatement if the Japanese-Americans had committed a grievous offense to the American public. But the hardworking Japanese-Americans actually are not aliens to a country whose laws literally welcomed them. After the devastation of Pearl Harbor, these set of ethnic Americans of Japanese ancestry like any ordinary citizens contributed to several recreation drives to restore morale in Oahu, Hawaii. Their obvious attempts were deemed useless and soon they were expelled from their own homes, stripped off their personal properties and jobs. They became prisoners and enemies of their own country under a military justification that explained "its necessity for fear of sabotage in cases of invasion". A "Munson Report" commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in November 1941 however "concluded that a great majority of the Japanese-Americans in US soil are loyal and does not pose any threat at all." But the American leaders sought to dismiss this finding. FDR's declaration of World War II further fanned and fueled anger against the helpless Japanese-Americans thereby admitting one of the most pronounced activities of racial discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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