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Political Theory - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: A. Rousseau’s Criticisms of Hobbes’s Notion of State of Nature Thomas Hobbes describes his idea of the state of nature using sovereign rule and social contracts. On the other hand, Jean-Jacques Rousseau challenged Hobbes assertions using a completely different version or interpretation of the state of nature (Plamenatz, Philp and Pelczynski 138)…
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Political Theory Essay
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Political Theory

Download file to see previous pages... Also in Hobbes’s state of nature, human beings will never live together harmoniously, whilst in Rousseau’s state of nature is taken as period that is relatively peaceful and devoid of hostility that stems from the intricacies or discomfitures of a civilized society. From these positions, it is not difficult to see that, on nearly all aspects, it can be seen that Hobbes and Rousseau are optimistic about their positions and their difference in perspective only serves out school one another’s point of view. This paper therefore, explains Rousseau’s criticism of Hobbes account of the state of nature. In so doing, the paper will also explore how Rousseau’s criticism endorse a different conception of an ideal government and will look at Rousseau’s ideal state can help in ameliorating the problems generated by a civil society. Rousseau’s criticism The idea of complete freedom Hobbes’s take on the idea of complete freedom is that, in a state of nature access to complete freedom is possible when humans are equal and independent of each other. To discount this idea, Rousseau introduces the concepts of evolution, dependence and rational capacity as guiding principles in pursuance of people’s to satisfaction. Rousseau infers that because people are not able to meet all their desires, they evolved and came together because it through depending on each other that they will be able to satisfy their passions. In other words, what Rousseau is saying is that if the essence of man is merely to act upon his wishes and exercising complete freedom or liberty, then they are not making use of their rational capacity and as such they are creating the opportunity to hamper or infringe on the freedom of one another. Aspect of civil society Hobbes acknowledges the value of freedom or liberty as something that cannot be gotten in nature but only possible in civil society. However, the insufficiency with this definition is well exemplified when discussing the importance of positive or civil liberty that exists in any civil society as espoused by Rousseau. Rousseau argues that idea Hobbes idea creates a negative liberty or a civil society that is typified by ‘unlawful chains’ that compels people to conform to a system they actually do not agree with. Pre-social aspect Another criticism against Hobbes's state of nature relates to the existence of man as pre-social. Rousseau wonders how a man would be considered pre-social yet in the state of nature most qualities attributed to him are social in nature. Rousseau describes the aspect of pride as one that can only take place in a social environment. It must be understood, nonetheless, that both of these two scholars base their arguments on men’s qualities that are inter-personal in nature. According to Rousseau it is misleading when Hobbes claims that the life of man is solitary and yet he has inferred used the concept of neighborliness where people are not likely to get satisfied with resources at their disposal, because they are envious about what their neighbors have. B. An ideal Government The concept of power Hobbes supports a government that is headed by a ruler or king. In this case, people would confide their power or sovereignty in the hands of kings as a way of being more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern Political Theory
John Locke’s political philosophy spans a wide range of insights and perspectives, perhaps the most central notion is his concept of natural law. Locke’s notion of natural law involves a complex number of elements. While Locke formulated the concept of natural law within a newly imagined perspective, the concept itself has a long precedent in philosophy.
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Political Theory
Of course, each political and financial system is based on a relative theory that produces ideology in all terms. Since 1789 with French Revolution, and until say 1989, with the chute of Communism in the Eastern bloc countries, there has been too many change in Europe mainly after Middle Ages and chute of feudalism.
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Political Theory
The Communist Manifesto has been seen by some modern thinkers are a “landmark text coalescing the era’s vision for social change” (Krieger & Birn, 1998, p. 1698). Of course, the work is not roundly accepted, and seems to have been defeated in much of the world.
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Role of Social Contract in Western Political Theory
Proposal Plan for the Essay on the Role of Social Contract in Western Political Theory Name Class Instructor Affiliation Date Essay Question The question for the essay plan will be: What is the role of the social contract in western political theory? An introduction to contextualize the question Social contract or, as it is sometimes referred to, political contract is an intellectual approach designed to elaborate the relationship between individuals in the society and the government (Rousseau, 2004, p.
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Political Theory
It entails the control of a republic or a state where the selection of the republic leader is by any other means apart from through heredity. Republicanism is popular among numerous individuals in the political discourses as the absence of a monarchy. In a republic, the people elect the leaders in charge of the government.
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Political theory
In his time and concerning his immediate history, the great thinker Aristotle believed political thought was frustratingly struggling between two ideological entities and so he proposed a conjoined fetus, named polity. Its parents were democracy and oligarchy, and Aristotle was God giving birth to the new thought from the best parts of both and without the worst parts of either.
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Political Economy Essay
It's most basic contention is that it is in the interests of all economies to engage in international trade insofar as they all must have a comparative advantage in producing particular goods while also experiencing comparative disadvantage in producing others (Kitching 2001, p.255-256).
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Hobbess Political Theory

The author starts with the political theory that Hobbes has written in 1651 in his masterpiece Leviathan in which he identifies three basic assumptions that Hobbes uses for his political theory. He continues with the theory of Paine that is based on his work the Right of Man where Paine analysis government from a liberal point of view.

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Political Theory
On the theoretical front, there are many proposals and underlying rationales for structuring the government in a variety of ways. As early as the seventeenth century, nearly a century before the French Revolution, the British political philosopher John
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Political Theory
For instance, some common law statement, “mercy tampering with justice” may take the position of real justice. Alternatively, the certificate of authenticity of
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