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The Ecology of Bees By Name University Course Professor Date Techniques and Models of Describing Sustainability of Ecology of Bees Introduction In the recent years, colonies of bees are prone to collapse since the ecology of bees is bees are under a warring threat for survival…
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It is written in the word file that i have upload
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Download file to see previous pages It was the notion of many individuals in the world in the early years, that in order to increase the production of honey from bees one just needed to create a conducive environment for many more beehives. In the current days, the process of bee keeping has become very complicated, a process, which entails several, processes (Perman, 2012). For better results of beekeeping, the practitioners should combine both the scientific and the technological and practical skills to their knowledge of beekeeping. Eventually, the word apiculture describes the scientific process of beekeeping as a very comprehensive and technological enterprise. Human beings made their first hives, which varied in sizes and their main intention was to increase the production of honey. After they had trapped enough bees that made enough honey in the hives, such hives collected five gallons of honey. The colonies of bees in the hives were first killed before the harvesting of honey and later removed all the honeycombs from the hives. This way of collection of honey shows that the people’s main interest was honey and they did not think of the consequences they pose to the colonies of bees (Tietenberg, & Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2004). This method is unreliable since it endangers the survival of bees. Later on, in the nineteenth century, the beekeepers experimented making the beehives using wood. The beehives were made into wooden boxes and inside the boxes were plated which divided the boxes for easy addition and removal of boxes and in order to control the activities of the bees. This method proved to work because people could do the harvesting of honey without killing the colonies of bees thus promoting the process of beekeeping (Pearce, J, & R, 2011). There are different types of honeybees. They include the European Honey Bees and the African Honey Bees among others. The scientists believe that the African Honey Bees will dominate and especially when the regular honeybees interbreed with the Africanized honey bees, the Africanized honeybees dominate. This shows that there is a likelihood of the Africanized honeybees to dominate and migrate to Arizona and other parts of the world. Therefore, the individuals who want to indulge into beekeeping should permanently change their view on the Africanized honeybee. They should also learn the habits of bees so that they can be able to take precautions and to be able to support their efforts of beekeeping. Bees are very important insects that human beings greatly depend on them. In order for an individual to be able to understand the threat posed by the bees, they should start by understanding the behaviour of the honeybees. These insects are very essential to human beings and thus their destruction will affect several activities of a human being. The honey bees aid in pollination of many crops that human beings farm and consume as food thus it is a very essential agricultural component. In any case, as long as the bee colony does not negatively affect animals and human beings, the bee colonies should prosper and grow wide (Pearce & Golen, 1984). The European honeybees differ greatly from Africanized honeybees. They may appear to look similar but they have very different behaviours. The Africanized honeybees have a tendency of swarming more frequently as compared to the European ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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