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The Impact of Internal Conflicts on World Poltics - Term Paper Example

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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Topic: Introduction Wars within states now incur international consequences of a disturbing magnitude as these internal conflicts are phenomenons whose causes, dynamic and impacts are incomprehensible outside the global sphere…
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The Impact of Internal Conflicts on World Poltics
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"The Impact of Internal Conflicts on World Poltics"

Download file to see previous pages From the end of World War II until 2000, over sixteen million perished through internal wars, compared to three and a half million from interstate wars, (Alley 1). For each interstate war within that period, approximately five internal conflicts occurred, the relative totals being 25 and 112 respectively and the incidence of internal war has abated since its peak during the 1990s, although not markedly, (Walensteen and Sollenberg 623)a. Averaging 53 months in duration, internal wars are often protracted; their bitter political effects and legacies of crime, lawlessness and impunity lingering even longer after the guns have fallen silent and even when seemingly settled they often maintain a lethal potential to reignite. Various termed internal, intra-state, or civil wars, these events often lack fine starting and concluding points as the conditions of neither war nor peace testify to inconclusive military outcomes and continuing settlement failure. These conditions harbour unaccountable local elites exploiting them to loot the national patrimony as much about the causes, costs and impacts of internal conflicts remains essentially domestic, but its international dimensions are usually germane and often telling. Embattled governments invite outsiders in; internal conflicts spread across borders; war within states feed off and sustain commercial penetrations; intergovernmental and externally based non-governmental relief operations establish their presence; and these conflicts evoke an array of external interventions ranging from military infiltrations to United Nations (UN) Security Council enforcement engagements authorised under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter. Criminality is now a significant factor in the internationalisation of internal conflict and hence the comprehension of internal wars therefore requires an appreciation of their international dimensions and implications (Walensteen and Sollenberg 593-600)b. Without denying their significant international dimensions, definitions of intra-state wars focus primarily on domestic origins; events fought between self-aware, defined groups that have organisational capacities to plan and carry out military operations in support of political goals. When viewed as insurgencies, internal wars comprise unconventional armed violence organises to either topple an existing regime or secede from an existing state, (Snow 65 & Thakur 117), a distinctive feature is the widespread entanglement of civilians as agents and victims; and such risk overt targeting by protecting and harbouring combatants, operating inside borders and without sanctuaries to which they can withdraw. This confinement intensifies internal wars, combatants and civilians alike forced to live by the knowledge that, should they survive, they will likely have to physically coexist as former enemies and the evenge enacted locally as an end in itself confuses wide objectives, complicating agreement about negotiating priorities or settlement implementation within and between warring factions. Some internal conflicts drag on for so long that few involved retain notions of the originating casus belli or political purpose, the conflict in Angola being an example and to revise Hobbes, internal wars are nasty, brutish and long, (Alley 6) Impacts upon international politics Internal conflicts now cost the international community in a variety of ways. A first cost results from habituation to crisis as the trigger resource mobilisation and claims that such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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