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This essay discusses the book “An American Tragedy “by Elizabeth is an informative piece which talks about the assassination plot of Abraham Lincoln. There are many detailed in the book which gives account for the innocence of Surratt that justice was not done to Surratt by America…
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American Businesswoman: Mary Surratt
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Download file to see previous pages The court claimed that Surratt had joined in the conspiracy as assassinates frequently visited boarding house. Surratt was punished due to the inexperience of her lawyer. The movie “The Conspirator” does not leave much evidence to convict her. The movie showcases the corruption within the legal proceedings which led to the conviction of Surratt. The movie shows that Surratt was unaware of the charges against her and hence she could not defend her properly. In the movie, it is shown that Mary Surratt begged her son John to stay home but he went to northern Canada. So she is not part of any plot or conspiracy and is not guilty. The movie shows that her boarding house was hit by a brick which is about to hit Anna Surratt and Frederick Aiken which was to cause her harm. Mary according to the movie has received letters from her son saying that he was in Canada but she had no idea where he was. So she was not aware of anything that was going on about the plot. Apparently, Surratt was arrested because her son, John (Johnny Simmons), who was suspected of conspiracy, had disappeared. Mary Surratt was trying to save her son who had a hand in the conspiracy. She had no idea where he disappeared and Surratt was arrested instead who was innocent. Moreover, in the movie the son makes no attempt to save the mother. The movie also showed that there was no much witness to convict Mary Surratt. She was also arrested instead of her son John who was a conspirator. One of the evidence which the book “Mary Surratt – American Tragedy Trial by Elizabeth Trindal is that Surratt had a poor eyesight which even dismisses the fact of her seeing Powell. In the book, it is mentioned that Surratt did not know that Booth had paid for the horse and the carriage she used to go to Surrattsville on April 11th. And also the book points out that the conversation between Surratt and Wiken were of innocent nature and did not have conspiracy motives. Moreover, the book testifies that Surratt was a lady who attended church regularly and was pious enough to not to attempt a crime. And also the discrepancies in the testimony of Lloyd claim the innocence of Mrs. Surratt. He earlier mentioned that she told about shooting irons ready as someone would collect it. According to ( Trindal 157) “ Lloyd proceed with his testimony by saying that she has handed him something wrapped in a piece of paper and that later he found that package contained field glasses”. Also, Lloyd first account that Surratt told him to keep the “shooting irons” ready and later he said that he was not sure whether she really mentioned about “shooting irons”. The book has given much evidence that Surratt is guilty.S he has been convicted for less credible reasons and booth movie and book state that Surratt has been an innocent victim of American law. Overall, the book “An American Tragedy “by Elizabeth is an informative piece which talks about the assassination plot of Abraham Lincoln. The author has worked much to put the facts right in the book. The book is a good explanation about an event which has much importance in the American history. More importantly, the author has made a credible and brave attempt to reinvent the image of Mary Surratt in the eyes of Americans. America has always seen Surratt as a cruel woman who assassinated the country’s important historical figure.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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