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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Q.1 Hull House was a settlement house built in 1889 that was used to provide social services to the residents of Chicago and was notable as it was operated entirely by women. The women’s movement saw it better at the time to have a different centre for operations rather than have them competing with men in one establishment…
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(the questions shows in the PDF document)
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"(the questions shows in the PDF document)"

Download file to see previous pages The success that the House had in social reforms saw it give rise to the separist movement, which meant that it became socially acceptable for a woman to live her life and remain single or not get children, and instead develop her professional career. Jane Addams was one of the pioneers in the Hull house and would go on to become the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her social reform policies that would enable women to get basic rights including the right to vote in all the states (Legates 267). Q.2 The New Deal that was initiated by Franklin Roosevelt was to develop the economy through the great depression and it saw with it the inclusion of several programs for women. New posts were created so that women could get employment even if single. The view at the time had been that women should be married once they decide to have children and all government policy at the time was drafted on this assumption. The New Deal however acknowledged the existence of single parent families specifically single mothers and widows and included them in their job creation acts even though some of Roosevelt’s cabinet members did not approve of this. ...
from affluent single parent families that had been beneficiaries of the policies legislated during the Roosevelt era allowing women to work in industries even if not married. There was a development of organizations that were not of any hierarchy such as the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, and the Students for a Democratic Society. The groups although were progressive did see a rise in chauvinism as some of the senior women were still assigned to basic roles as fetching refreshments or taking notes until one of the male members raised a complaint over it. There was a rise in black feminism in these organizations as was seen when the female members of the group organized a sit in to protest their side-lining. White women also criticized the SNCC for their marginalization and even drafted a paper that they presented to the then chairperson Stokeley Carmichael that said that the status of women in the organization is the same as that of the black individual hired by a corporation for the purpose of diversity. They are there merely to present an attractive image but do not do much in the organization (LeGates 361). Q.4 Women in the civil rights movements performed activities such as registering voters and enlisting the help of older women more so of the black community where they were viewed as the leaders of the community. The Women activists also came from religious backgrounds and unlike in the past where the community vilified them, they did receive some praise from their peers for their activism. Shulamith Firestone was one of the most notable activists of her generation with her push for the acknowledgement of the female agenda which was getting sidelined as the Vietnamese war came to an end and most of the troops were headed back home as national heroes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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((the Questions Shows in the PDF Document) Essay)
(the Questions Shows in the PDF Document) Essay.
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