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Process or structure of government - Research Paper Example

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Instructor The structure of the United States of America Government The United States is one of the most powerful and strongest democracies in the world today. It has a very large government which is divided into three major branches; the legislature, which is made up of the Congress and the Senate House., the executive, made up of President, Vice-president and the Executive Office of the President…
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Process or structure of government
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"Process or structure of government"

Download file to see previous pages The head of the government who is the US president share his powers with the Congress and the Judiciary system. These three branches dependent for proper functioning of the government. Being a Federal Constitutional Republic, the United States’ Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The US Democracy is different from other democracies in that every state of the Union holds enough power to make their own reforms as long as they do not go against the Supreme Law, which is the Constitution. The Executive This is the branch that consists of the president, the vice president and fifteen cabinet departments. Every four years, the Americans go to the ballot to elect a president and his running mate who takes the position of the vice president. The president of the US is the commander-in-chief of the U.S Armed Forces and is essentially the leader of the country. It is the duty of the president to recommend legislation to Congress, convene Congress, deliver the state of the Union address to Congress every year. ...
The president usually appoints fifteen cabinet members who must be approved by the Senate. The Legislature This is the arm of government tasked with legislating or rather making laws. It was established by Article 1 of the Constitution. Thus the Congress, the collective legislative body consists of the Senate and the House. These two House were established so as to balance the concerns of smaller but more populated states against those of larger but more sparsely ones. Thus the Senate is made up of 100 members known as Senators. Each state is allowed two representatives. However The House of Representatives currently consists of 435 members, with each state’s representation dependent on its population. The two Houses have got unique duties and powers and could be tasked with some specific duties as well. For example a House may initiate legislation that require people to pay taxes and can decide if public officials are to be tried if accused of crime. After every two years, representatives are elected. The Senate confirms presidential appointments such as that of ambassadors, cabinet members and federal judges. Federal officials accused of crime are tried by the Senate after the Senate votes to impeach the official. The senate is presided over by the vice president and the election of Senators takes place after every six years. The Judiciary This branch is established by Article 3 of the U.S constitution. However its powers duties nor organization is not spelt out here. This was left to the Congress and Justices of the Court itself to develop the authorities and operations of the entire Judiciary. The Supreme Court Justices are usually nominated by the president and later on approved by a majority of vote of the Senate. Their terms of service are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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