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Name: Course: Professor: Date: History and Political Science Q 1. Citizenship is the state of character of an individual with regard to the functions of a citizen. This is the best definition because it encompasses the possession of rights and privileges of a citizen…
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Download file to see previous pages The power of media, as a source of credibility, is a tool of political persuasion. The linkage between politics and media has not been explored extensively with a little research connecting the two. It is important to research on the extent to which persuasion in news media depends on the viewers and listeners attitudes towards the news media as an association. One source confirms that people who trusted the media were susceptible to agenda settings from media information. Other studies show that people tend to adopt the position of media hosts, especially where the host is trustworthy and knowledgeable (Wasserstrom 25). During the political campaigns, media houses carry out pre-polling surveys and provide statistics to the public. In some cases, media gives factual results and in some cases non- factual. Politicians’ incentives lead them to favor information sources they can control and try to reduce the influence of sources affiliated with rival political factions or with no faction (Wasserstrom 34). This is done to counteract negative publicity as portrayed by rival politicians in the same race for a political seat. As a way of influencing the public’s behavior on the main Election Day, the majority of the public adopts the media’s story and votes for or against the particular candidate. In examining press freedom, media houses are allowed by law to filter the information they share with public to suit a particular interest so long as the interest is not meant to cause violence or harm to the public. Professional journalism is the only way to ensure credibility in the media to gain public trust. An attempt to understand media freedom introduces media pluralism, which a few people would oppose in principle. The media have allowed access to a broad range of cultural expressions and political views, which constitute the fundamental policies of the media policy which directly link media with democracy (Wasserstrom 54). This views that media pluralism as a political, theoretical, or empirical approach, which is believed to embody the central conflicts in modern thinking about the societal role of media. Religion contributes in the creation of the collective consciousness of the faithful, which builds strong religious bonds among the Christians. Religion has its own established institutional frameworks which immensely contribute in the enactment of laws and maintenance of peace and order in a nation. Moreover, the religious institutions influence the economic status of nations given that the church and society are inseparable. Religion also plays a role in the rehabilitation programs of errant members of society, hence enhancing peace and order in the society. This results in reduction of crime rate and increase in economic activities. This results from the small scale entrepreneurship and farming done by the rehabilitated criminals. Education contributes to proficient communication, which influences the socialization of citizens in politics. For instance, verbal communication is sufficient in communication, hence communication through writing is also emphasized. This is because communicating verbally enhances stressing of points and it is more lively compared to the written communication. The average people realize that communication through writing enables people to appreciate social interactions. In addition, the latter provides a record of events, thus in case there is a need for information reference can be made easily to the documented written document. The majority of people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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