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Four Questions of Art History - Essay Example

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It becomes more difficult especially to sculptures that have no identity to know their existence. Greeks statute is different from the roman sculpture in terms of style and characteristics. …
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Four Essay Questions of Art History
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"Four Questions of Art History"

Download file to see previous pages Some features that are used to identify Greek sculpture cannot apply sometimes due to difference in the sculptures. The ancient Greek sculpture has always been able to stand on without any support. Roman sculptures were created or curved in such a way that they cannot stand without a subjection of support or broad base to them. The two sculptures have shown distinct features such as possibility of broad base from the second sculpture that shows a crowd of people around a man on horseback. The 6 feet marble relief of standing man is a Greek sculpture, since the background of the sculpture looks like it has been made from bronze. Both the two sculptures are made from bronze and marble but the heights are different. Greeks used to make slightly taller curving than the Romans. The first statue is more idealistic and has an athletic figure than the sculpture of crowded men behind a man with the horseback. Greek artists concentrated more on their mythology in the creation of the statues, and unlike the Romans they gave more importance on athleticism making them produce idealistic statues. The second curving of crowded men behind a man on horseback looks more real, and it does not seem like one that believe in mythology. Only the Romans believed in creating sculptures that looked real and they didn’t believe in mythology. The Romans gave much importance to realism that made them create sculptures of real people. One bigger thing about the Romans is that they believe and cropped into history. The work of the artist from Romans has always described more of historical nature than the Greek’s artists. The second sculpture that shows crowded people around a man on horseback seems to be very ancient than the first sculpture. The background of the statue shows old but real creativity of old trees and the relation seems historical. The Romans became popular of their statue cravings due to their creative style on historical background. The first statue of a standing male is very plain and has no background that can describe a historical creativity or evolvement therefore it represents a work from Greek artists. Greek artist started by creating small sculptures but they evolved and created statues of mythological character, and as well they upgraded themselves as the creators of marble sculptures as well. The Greeks awhile evolving from making small sculptures to mythological once they created tall but not that much taller than the Romans structures, that is why you can suggest that the first sculpture is that of a Greek artist’s work rather than the Romans. Sometimes it is very hard to differentiate statue of the Romans from that of the Greek, it is because the Romans have tried to preserve the statue culture and tradition and as well they have followed closely the work of Greek artists. And due to time passing they developed statue of their own with a very unique style of creativity. If you look carefully at the second statue of crowded men around a man on horseback is more unique and if you take a closer look you will realize that the background is very unique compared to the first sculpture of a standing man with a very plain background. Compared to other works with the lifelike statue of the classical era, a good Greek sculpture is rigid and stylized making it seems so obvious but distinctive from other work. Sculptures that are more culturally and traditionally linked are the Roman statues. But to some extend some of the Greek sculptures do show cultural affiliations just like the Roman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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