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Comparative Essay between Machiavelli is The Prince and Erasmuss The Education of a Christian Prince - Term Paper Example

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The Prince is a book that systematically expounds ideas based on what a leader should do to withstand foreign political interference. In 1475, Machiavelli used to work in the council that dealt with diplomacy and affairs of the military. …
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Comparative Essay between Machiavelli is The Prince and Erasmuss The Education of a Christian Prince
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"Comparative Essay between Machiavelli is The Prince and Erasmuss The Education of a Christian Prince"

Download file to see previous pages During his duties at work, he travelled on missions to various governments France, Germany and Italy. As a result, he acquired a lot of knowledge on government affairs and various state procedures. He also witnessed the callous diplomacies that politician Cesare Borgia used as a tool to seize and control cities. He was against the unprincipled and immoral policies enacted by the rulers in order to ensure control and expand the safety and well-being of his sphere. Consequently, this made him face a lot of opposition from those in power and was tortured, jailed and banished for a whole year. This motivated him to write The Prince. On the other hand, The Education of A Christian Prince was written in 1532.This reminiscence book was meant for Princes and particularly It was a dedication to Prince Charles who later became the Emperor of Habsburg. Erasmus emphasized that teachers should possess unimpeachable morals. He was against enforcement of corporal punishment to the unruly naughty students. Through his works he attempted to merge the critics of antiquity with those of the Christian principles during his time. This essay compares and contrasts Machiavelli is The Prince and Erasmus’s The Education of a Christian Prince....
He emphasized that the ruler must be devoted to administration of justice and doing what is right at all times. He was against loss of human life and violence that was as a result of differences between Catholics and the Protestants during the Religious Reformation era. Machiavelli uses Classical Rhetoric styles in his writing which creates a big gap from traditional rhetoric styles. For example, In his introduction which stated that “I have not embellished or crammed this book with rounded periods or big, impressive words ,or with any blandishment or superfluous decoration of the kind which many are in the habit of using to describe or adorn what they have produced”(Machiavelli 37).He also sourced his information from Cicero’s rhetoric works.In Chapter 18, for instance, His use of a metaphor of a lion and a fox as examples of cunning and force (Machiavelli 56).. It offers a model of an ethical system that not only condones the practice of force and deception but appears to regard them as habitual and indeed germane to political activity(Machiavelli 62). Machiavelli was greatly influenced by the classical pre-Christian philosophers. He often referred to Xenophon who was a writer of the classic mirrors of princes, The Education of Cyrus. The experience at work in The Free Republic of Florence, which has created a firm base where his arguments are founded. He recapitulates his transactions with the soldiers and statements during his reign. This supplied sources of characters and the diverse experiences illustrated in The Prince. The missions he went in the line of duty helped in putting across some of the principles in his book. A good example is his very first mission in 1499 to Catherine Sforza, “my lady of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...that there is nothing such as good power and bad power but only power and its necessary evils. Machiavelli starts his book with a broad categorization of “principalities there are” (21). He (Machiavelli) has further classified principalities into hereditary and new and also mixed ones (21). And he has made a distinction between republics where people are governed by people and principalities where the ruler is a prince and also made it clear that this book is all about principalities, and not about republics (21-22). The author (Machiavelli) has then gone on to elaborate upon the difficulties faced by princes in ruling principalities in...
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..."The Prince" by Machiavelli Introduction In the modern world Machiavelli is famous for his philosophy of history. Studying history, he made a lot of political discoveries and was recognized as one of the creators of a political science. The Prince was written by Machiavelli with the purpose to create a guide that would always serve for benefit. Machiavelli knew that France was thriving under the principality of one Prince and, being a patriot, wanted this prosperity for his motherland. Machiavelli also wanted the book to help him return the favor of the Medici family (the writing was devoted to Lorenzo...
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... The Prince by Machiavelli: A Response Paper The book The Prince written by Niccolò Machiavelli was published after 5 years of his death in 1532. The book gives the main idea about acquiring the power, establishment of power, reinforcement of power, and to keep that power long lasting. The book was being banded on "Index of prohibited books " due to Machiavelli use of free will, evil man-ship, and negative behavior. The book can be counted as a reaction to Machiavelli lifes problems as he lived during a time of serious political decline in Italy when Italy was being overrun and subdued by the French. According to Machiavelli, this book is dedicated by him to Lorenzo de’ Medici, who was the nephew of Giovanni de’ Medici (Leo X... ) and...
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...Machiavelli Niccolo di Bernado was born on May 3 1469 and died at fifty-eight. His native origin was Italia and he was a great scholar of history, an acclaimed author, mediator, and above all a remarkable researcher. He based his writing operations in Florence, Italy during the time of the European Renaissance that was inspirational to literature. He is renowned for his immense contribution into modern day’s political science through his documented literature. Further, he was a writer of hilarious pieces, theatrical operas, and heart moving poetry. He wrote “The Prince” after he desisted from working for the Florentine Republic as an officer of the state. He was arrested and jailed on conspiracy charges but was later set free... , as the...
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Machiavelli The Prince represent the interest of those he leads and pay attention to their demands is undoubtedly the essence of leadership. Conclusion Machiavelli evaluation of Creon leadership, character would partially represent the right discourse on how leaders ought to lead through listening to the people and upholding societal beliefs and custom. However, exerting commands through threats and execution is arguably part of his thinking. In the wake of modern leadership dispensation, the Machiavellian values would arguably hold a certain truth and partial irrelevance on punishment of rebellious souls4. References Machiavelli, Niccolò, Luigi Ricci, Eric...
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