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Review for The new religious intolerance:overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age by Martha C. Nussbaum - Book Report/Review Example

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University Nussbaum’s The New Religious Intolerance A Paper Submitted to (Name of Professor) In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course (Course) Nussbaum’s The New Religious Intolerance Introduction The society is sometimes affected by vices such as inequality based on sex stereotypes, ethnic, originality, economic and social status…
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Book review for The new religious intolerance:overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age by Martha C. Nussbaum
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"Review for The new religious intolerance:overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age by Martha C. Nussbaum"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, civil liberties are crucial factors that determine citizen participation in the decision making process. Some political philosophers argue that a country requires a constructive platform for social democracy in order to achieve socioeconomic development. This calls for resolution of disputes amicably and minimal interferences in the dealings of other religions. According to Nussbaum (2012), fear is "more narcissistic than other emotions”. She alleges that genuine concerns become indistinct, hence steer policies biased against the one dissimilar from us. Conquering fanaticism calls for elaborate use of universal values of respect for ethics. Further, she challenges the public to uphold freedom of religious beliefs that play a significant role in creating an enduring society. Literature Review Nussbaum (2012) asserts that fear is the chief reason behind intolerant reactions. By examining the literature from fields such as philosophy, history, and literature, Nussbaum helps in generating crucial information on attaining a more equitable, imaginative and free society1. She asserts that egocentric individuals behind the blanket of ignorance would prefer certain principles of justice as a way of organizing a society2. The principle of equal liberty maintains that every individual has an equal right to the broad autonomy. This principle seeks to merge the ethics of equality, individual autonomy, and obligations. It is regarded as a better ideal compared to harsh social equality since it gives a fairer opinion on what constitutes inequality-reflecting disparities in preference. The second principle is the difference principle that asserts that socioeconomic disparities should be planned to make it beneficial to less-privileged people while opening up equal opportunities for all. In the egalitarian ideals, liberties are allocated equally to all people. Additionally, he argued that it would be correct that each time societal structures persuade these ideals, victims oblige as long as they are free and fair. By supporting the universal principles, the society sets the foundation for religious tolerance in a country. Individuals who have cognitive disabilities need to be treated equal and with respect like the normal human beings. Martha Nussbaum gave an elaborate and overwhelming critique on the social convention regarding religious and political intolerance. She argued that the social contract gave an inadequate insight of justice, particularly on non-citizens3. She argues that non-citizens could not be a part of social contracts that are created for mutual benefits. In addition, they represent themselves adequately in negotiations designed for rational mediators. Nature seeks to increase both wellbeing and justice among the people. This ideology should be measured in the framework of the notion of humankind, which shows minimal prudence of the effects of an individual’s actions. Nussbaum argues that the religious tolerance should be absolutism since it institutes an executive authority where all citizens vote for or against one whom they do not agree4. She examines the organization and significance local government. Most of the decisions made and implemented in local authority have a great impact on the lives of the citizens. In view of this, the administrator establishes various units ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Book Review for The New Religious intolerance:Overcoming the Politics Report/.
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