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War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929) - Term Paper Example

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War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929) Introduction The one that has an indisputable locus that would have created major alterations in history is Europe if the continent had only consolidated peace and order from 1914 to 1929. The conflict that started in 1914 between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was the inception of a nexus of events that marked nowadays as the First World War…
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War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929)
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"War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929)"

Download file to see previous pages The protests, revolutions, and the end of World War 1 will also be depicted and a concluding remark will summarize the content of the whole sections of the paper. The Impact of War in Europe The collapse of four empires, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman, was the total impact of fighting on all fronts in Europe. Because of the war, the Treaty of Versailles was laid to settle potential problems and conflicts for the twentieth century. The treaty’s primary purpose was to establish and maintain peace and order, political and economic stability, and to ensure justice for all concerned. Also, the League of Nations was formed to promote global cooperation and attain international peace and order. However, Germany was unsatisfied with the treaty. The whole war was blamed to Germans and they were expected to pay for all the damage they caused. It must be noted that Germany lost a maximum amount of territory and its military declined along with the formation of new independent countries (Strachan 228-238). Moreover, because of the various allies that were formed by national leaders in order to protect their land, the whole Europe had been devastated--some of its industrial and agricultural assets. ...
This implies that businesses could not sustain its operations that would lead them to stop. Aside from this, employees appealed for wage increase as living cost surged up to three-fourths. Employers were incapable of meeting workforce’ demand for wage increase resulting to a strike. It must be noted that these were the primary reasons that some of the industrial and agricultural businesses compelled to stop on its business operations (Self and Storing 15-36). The Toll of Trench Warfare The toll of trench warfare commenced from September 1914 to March 1918 when Germany and France had nowhere else to go except to use grounds to win the battle. It must be noted that trench warfare was a primitive strategy, but it was in World War 1 that this had caused the highest number of death tool as new defensive weapons, such as barbed wires in the ground and the enhancement of artillery weapons, emerged in the battlefield. Moreover, the trenches built in the war were used by soldiers as their hiding place and it had been also used to gain advantage in the warfare as enemies would not detect any trace when opponents attacked through trenches. However, these trenches left troops vulnerable to physical and mental health conditions. These trenches were made because of three reasons: it was easy to make, cheap, and it did not require more troops for defense (Sowder 534-542). Propaganda The “Rape of Belgium” rooted the propaganda which was made to attract the attention of the powerful country, the United States of America (Manning and Romerstein 324). Prior to this, German invaders burned buildings, sabotaged rail lines, shot offenders, and killed over 6,500 French and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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