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Instructor name: College level: Date: Network Movie Review The reality of network in television programming is only but gaining more roots in our society, with talk shows earning the most popularity in ratings. A significant proportion of the public only wants to be entertained, and media celebrities are becoming a large attraction in the television industry…
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Network (Movie)
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"Network ( )"

This state of affair created by the network is just harsh; literally kills everything. An investigation into the state of affairs as depicted by Network every player in the industry: the corporate moguls, the ambitious media executives, and the couch-potato public all have a blame to take. This paper reviews the film with a view of showing what blame every player stated here plays in destroying television. The basic plot of the movie follows the story of Howard Beale (Peter Pinch) who is an aging news anchor with Universal Broadcasting System (UBS), a fourth-rated TV network. Beale has just learned he is about to be sacked due to a drop of his ratings on his nightly news hour program. The desperate Beale announces on air that he will "blow his brains out" the following week on and asks the public to tune in (Network). Beale would surely have been sacked were it, not for his friend Max Schumacher, the news director intervention requesting that Beale be given a dignified farewell. The network agrees to the request after Beale promises to apologize for his earlier outburst only for him to speak his mind out the next time he is on the air alleging that life is “bullshit” (Network). ...
Max is, however, not happy with the management; he sees the new state of affair where the network sacrifices integrity for money as a slow decay of television (Kaufman). Though he objects Diana proposal, Beal would soon be hosting The Howard Beale Show, which became the highest rated program. This was actualized by the convincing power of Diana who approaches the network executive Frank Hackett; Hacked consequently bullies the other executive members to allow Diana’s request (Kaufman). In the program Beal articulates public rage surrounding controversial issues of that time for instance the economic depression, and the Vietnam War. The public appreciate and worship his ability to speak out his mind; the view him as the “ladder day prophet proclaiming the prophesies of the time” (Network). Howard’s power in broadcasting network is evidenced by how the public followed him and idolized him. At one point, he asked his audience to speak out their minds and scream “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore” (Network); the audience observed this. In another instance he asked the public to express their rage about Arabs growing economic success and takeover of power in the U.S, by sending a million telegrams to the white house, his call earned over six million letters (Network). This was after Beale had learns that CCA, which owned UBS, was to be bought by a larger Saudi Arabian Corporation. The has to tame Beale, who since the merger was essential for their survival given the huge debt load they faced. Hackett has Beale meet the CCA chairman Arthur Jansen, who persuades Beale to abandon his populist’s messages for a new “evangel.” Beale on Read More
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(Network (Movie) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Network (Movie) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Network (Movie) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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