Journal Article Review of In Praise of the Third Estate: Religious and Social Imagery in the Early French Revolution by Christ - Book Report/Review Example

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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Christopher, Hudson . "In Praise of the Third Estate”: Religious and Social Imagery in the Early French Revolution." The Journal of the Eighteenth Century Studies 34.3 (2001): 337-362. Print. Discussion The author of this article focuses on various issues ascribed to the early societies that existed during the French Revolution…
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Journal Article Review of In Praise of the Third Estate: Religious and Social Imagery in the Early French Revolution by Christ
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"Journal Article Review of In Praise of the Third Estate: Religious and Social Imagery in the Early French Revolution by Christ"

Download file to see previous pages To begin his writing, Christopher Hudson applies the use of satire to criticize the writings of the early historians and how the presented their issues. He applies satire to criticize the luxurious lives that were led by the early French people (-337). He also satirically criticizes the autocratic nature by, which the early rich French citizens handled their workers and the kinds of names they gave their workers. In regard to social Imagery, Christopher argues that the composition of the General French Estates as well as their religious dimensions, were a great influence to the early historical writers. These societal phenomena formed the major basis of their writings. The author exhibits the use of Imagery as used by the earl writers i.e. in the “Magnificent of the Third Estates”, where the “Third”, was basically a term used to described low class society members who basically performed manual labor for instance: Plowmen as well as other members of the society who work tirelessly to satisfy their master’s needs. ...
To begin with, he asserts that religion as an imperative aspect of the early French society and writings formed a major part of historiography as compared to the manner by, which social themes. Moreover, the article also identifies that contemporary writings have not been so effective in exhibiting the social facets of the French Revolutions owing to the fact that they exhibited a sub-ordination of social issues to political issues. Another main argument depicted by Christopher in the journal, is the fact that traditional issues of the French Revolution are poorly exhibited in the contemporary writings. Majority of current historians focuses mostly on political issues that occurred during the French Revolution, rather that providing even arguments on this issues. Consequently, Christopher focuses on the manner by, which religious issues were frequently mentioned by the early Pamphleteers (-347). Another apparent issue that is evident in Christopher’s writing is the manner by, which he structures his work. The work is chronologically organized; he begins by providing a brief explanation of the nature of the Early French societies and the kind lives they used to live. This is followed by a definition of various societal dimensions i.e. the use imagery in the language of the early writers. Consequently, this is followed by description of the contemporary society’s writings and the extent by, which they cover social, religious and political issues of the French Revolution. There is also proper use of evidence to provide support to the arguments presented in the article for instance: He quotes pamphlets of the early writers, specifically those that were written in 1789. Additionally, he quotes various documents such as the “Magnificent of the Third Estates”, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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