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The Impact of Religion on Assimilation - Literature review Example

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The literature revies 'The Impact of Religion on Assimilation'  shows that the impact of religion on assimilation in the life of a deeply religious person is no doubt a profound one. Whether or not it is possible for Muslims to completely assimilate is perhaps too early in the history of the Muslim migration to project.  …
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The Impact of Religion on Assimilation
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Religion on Assimilation"

Download file to see previous pages That difficulty arises out of the distinct cultural and social differences that hold religion from a different perspective from one culture to the next. This does not mean that one culture has less faith. It simply means that each culture and society within that culture has traditions and especially religious practices. Often times these religious practices are traditional in nature. They are religious ceremonial traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next, and oftentimes go as back as an oral tradition. When we consider assimilation from one culture to the next, it is understandable that religious tradition can have an adverse impact on the individual ability to assimilate into the new cultural surroundings. It does not however mean that assimilation will not be accomplished.
Shireen Hunter (2002) says that Islam is one of the fastest spreading religions in the world and has become Europe’s “second religion (Hunter 2002).” Hunter says that there are 15 million Muslims in Western Europe that have and maintain close ties and affiliations with the Islamic world (Hunter xiii). Hunter maintains that the spread of Islam throughout Western Europe was a peaceful assimilation (Hunter xiii), but that remains debatable when we consider the problems that have been the subject of public and world news that would suggest it has not been peaceful (Cole 2003 21). In France, the Algerian “memory” has impacted the relationship between the indigenous French and their Muslim immigrants since the independence of Algeria in the 1960s (Cole 21). Today, second-generation indigenous French-Muslims are disenfranchised (Cole 21), much the same as were America’s blacks in the post-slavery years, until perhaps even the last decade. The religious beliefs of the Muslim community play a role in their disenfranchisement in France (Cole 21). Second-generation Muslims who are French by birthright to the country, have found it difficult to assimilate into mainstream French society. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Impact of Religion on Assimilation Literature review.
(The Impact of Religion on Assimilation Literature Review)
The Impact of Religion on Assimilation Literature Review.
“The Impact of Religion on Assimilation Literature Review”.
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