Can anarchism be a viable political system - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Anarchism Anarchism is a philosophical term used to refer to a new societal order based on freedom unlimited to man-made law. As society within which people freely co-operate together as equals, as it is without a government or any other constituted authority…
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Can anarchism be a viable political system
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"Can anarchism be a viable political system"

Download file to see previous pages It can as well be full of wreck of all order, wars and murder of all kind but no one is held accountable for all that (Suissa, 2010,pg 56). But anarchist do believe that anarchism always begin with a view that individuals are naturally good, and that the external authority such as; governments, laws, institutions among others are the ones that limit potentials and results into bad behaviors. Anarchists are against all forms of government or any coercive authority and hierarchical control. This led to the emergence of theories which were against the oppression and inequality in the society of all forms. The class struggle as a result of enslavement of the labour force and their aspiration to liberty gave rise to idea of anarchism. Most anarchist theories aimed at creating a classless and a stateless society. They were against Marxist theory whose main agenda was to be aware of the discrimination and repression, why they existed, their origin, what role they play an how to overcome them. To understand all these they needed to explain them historically. Marxism begins by looking into the origin of class and state; according to them, the different classes in the society are as a result of struggle for existence which is unavoidable (Vodovnik, 2012, pg 43). This puts an individual in chains and yet people are born free. Their dependence on nature and struggle for the economization of labour therefore forces them to walk up and down in search for work from the capitalist. Those who own the means of production, they maintain the social order by oppressing the laborers. The state authority is therefore developed to maintain economic inequality and play a fundamental role in the society. Anarchists are opposed capitalism for being exploitative as well as authoritative. Where workers do not govern themselves in the production process nor do they have control over the product of their labour. Most of the capitalists if not all get them involved in the government, this a result of states getting their powers from the ruling economic class, whom in turn are served by protecting their property and generally maintaining the status quo (Chomsky & Otero,2004,pg 54). Since the state of power literally depends on the economic relations of a given state, therefore it is upon the bourgeoisie to revolt against the government. This is only possible if they come together and democratically develop an economy based on their own interest, they form workers’ committees to represent their wishes, and this would enable them to take control of their state apparatus whenever they need. But anarchists seek to bring about a condition of anarchy with a decentralized society that is organized through federation of voluntary associations (Glasberg & Shannon,2011, pg 62). They are opposed to all forms of religious power, the state as well as free enterprise economy. Their view on the representation kind of government is that it is the root cause of the challenges faced by the people. According to the anarchists, the state of anarchism promotes the dissolution of a state and the governmental tools that brings about oppression and inequality. They do this through rejecting the few elites who hold powers in their hands and misuse them (Dorra, 1995, 81). Their argument is that each and every individual in the society should be responsible for their own behavior, the community and the society. Everyone should be liberated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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