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Data mining does not violate the constitution - Essay Example

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Professor: Course: Date: Data Mining does not violate the Constitution Introduction Data mining is a powerful technology, which has the potential to help organizations put much focus on the fundamental and very important information in the data already collected…
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Data mining does not violate the constitution
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"Data mining does not violate the constitution"

Download file to see previous pages They fall under different industry categories such as health care, finance, retail, aerospace, and manufacturing have began using data mining techniques as well as tools in a bid to take advantage of the historical information and data. Data mining has helped various analysts to acknowledge crucial facts, patterns, relationships, trends, anomalies, and exceptions that could have otherwise go unnoticed. This is usually achievable by sifting through the warehoused information primarily by using statistical, mathematical, and pattern recognition technologies. From the business organizations point of view, data mining is essentially an important tool for discovering patterns alongside relationships in the given data with a view to help make more useful decisions. Furthermore, data mining is vital for developing better marketing campaigns, predicting customer loyalty more accurately, and helping spot sales trends. Some of the specific uses of this technology include fraud detection, interactive marketing, direct marketing, market segmentation, trend analysis, and customer churn. Literature Review Different scholars have come out in strong defense of data mining with majority of them arguing that it does not violate the constitution. Nonetheless, various have also sort to prove the damning effects of data mining particularly looking at the privacy of individuals. ...
Furthermore, the article elucidates how the U.S. investigators essentially advocating for the agenda on robust antiterrorism have compelled communications firms to store as well as turn over unprecedented information regarding the telephone calls of citizens, daily movements, and Internet communications. Similarly, the dual interests of the private sector intention to maximize profits and determination of the government to combat future terrorist attacks have imperiled the standards of human rights. Similarly, the article Twenty-First Century Surveillance: Dna Data Mining and the Erosion of the Fourth Amendment by Ferrell Kelly (2013) argues that every time a person visits a webpage, runs a search engine, or makes a call, text, or purchases data is collected, and analyzed in order to determine that person’s individual propensities and predict their future behavior. Corporations justify data mining technology as an efficient means of targeting interested consumers, while the government boasts of national security and public safety to rationalize the surveillance technique. In essence, the corporations have constructive objectives and goals in terms of the way they intend to utilize the new technology to meet the demands of prospective customers. The government on the contrary has credited the technology owing to its capacity to handle national security as well as the safety of the public. In the article, Regulating Governmental Data Mining In The United States and Germany: Constitutional Courts, The State, And New Technology by Schwartz Paul (2011), the author looks at how the legal systems of Germany and the United States respond to the use of data mining by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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