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Rule of St Benedict - Essay Example

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The Rule of St. Benedict Name: Institution: THE RULE OF ST. BENEDICT Introduction The Rule of St. Benedict is a precept book for monks living under an abbot’s authority in a community, which was authored by St. Benedict of Nursia. This set of rules became a guide for other monasteries around Western Europe in the one and a half centuries in which they existed…
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Rule of St Benedict
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Rule of St Benedict

Download file to see previous pages... The rule was authored to provide a guide for the formation of autonomous and individual communities, which Benedictine monasteries remain to this day. The emphasis laid on autonomy helped the monasteries to assume contemplative lifestyles and cultivate communities that were tightly bonded2. However, the monasteries also suffered from isolation from the communities that surrounded them, as well as increased inefficiency, declining appeal for potential recruits, and decreased mobility in serving others. Over the centuries, different emphasis on the rules led to the divergence of Ancient Observance, Cistercian Common Orders, and the Benedictine Confederation. St. Benedict, however, did not author the rules in a vacuum and it is evident that his work was heavily influenced by fading Athenian and Hebrew traditions present in medieval Europe at the time3. While this does not mean the rule was a throwback to the ancient times, there are various similarities. This paper seeks to compare the power relations and hierarchical structures in the early Benedictine monasteries and the governing of secular society at the time. The Benedictine Monastery as a Microcosm of Society as a Whole The Benedictine monastery under the Rule of St. ...
Similar to the society in which he lived, St. Benedict ordered that the monks were to eat two cooked dishes of food at every meal, as well as a pound of bread daily. In the summer, he insisted on two meals and one in the winter, which was the same thing that peasants did due to the scarcity of food in the winter. The monks were also ordered to retire to their boarding rooms for six to eight hours every evening, which is the same as peasants who were not supposed to wander around the towns at night5. The Rule of St. Benedict also perceived the need for government in a uniform and permanent form, rather than the variable and arbitrary models used by other monasteries before his6. This led to a form of collectivism that was no different to society as a whole. The rule insisted on a common life compared to the solitary life led by Egyptian monks. In furthering his aim, St. Benedict also introduced into his rule the vow of stability, which was to become the basis of the order’s permanence and success. This is just one example of his idea of the family as practiced in society that pervades the rule. Family ties bounded the members of his monastery, just like in society. In addition, the members of this family took upon the obligation of preserving the family, in this case the monastery, until they died. This aspect of the rule secured the community, as it did the family in society, with all member monks sharing in the fruits that arose from each of the monk’s labor. It also gave the monks the strength that comes from being part of a united family pursuing similar ends, which, in the case of society, meant subsistence farming and hunting. Therefore, like the defining Hebrew and Athenian society that was present at the time, the monks were part of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The rule of St Benedict: Bringing order out of chaos
St. Benedict’s main contribution to Christian theology was his prescription of the ‘Rule’, which laid out a set of precepts for the monks to follow. Strongly influenced by the ideas and teachings of John Cassian and taking inspiration from the Rule of the Master, Benedict’s Rule was both of practical and spiritual use.
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The Rule of St. Benedict and Beowulf books
Benedict,’ which is a comprehensive compilation of vital rules for life in association with Monasticism where its rules were very strictly followed. Benedict himself was a very austere personality who set a very high standard of humility as well as discipline for himself and for those around him.
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The Rule of Saint Benedict
It has been in existence for over 1500 years and during that period it has become the standard guide for most of the monastic communities in which Christian monks and nuns live. The fundamental doctrine of the edict/s is condensed in the Benedictines confederation motto; pax and ora et labora, which is Latin for peace prayerfulness and labor.
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How do the benedictine oblates enable the witness of Monastic Spirituality to be expressed in secular society
The spiritual values embodied by the age-old Benedictine monastic tradition is today dispersed among people of the modern society by those chosen few — whose numbers nonetheless are on sharp rise — who have found their calling in the way shown by St. Benedict barely a few centuries after Jesus Christ.
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The contributions of the various monastic traditions to the development of the religious life within the Catholic Church cannot be ignored at large. In the beginning, monasticism was controlled by the different religious rules such as the Rule of St Basil and the Rule of St Benedict, whereas in the contemporary times the Church law pertaining to each denomination plays a major role in their regulation.
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How does the Rule of St. Benedict schedule reflect the medieval world
Benedict” reflect the values of the medieval world. During the Middle Ages, Monasticism was a prominent religion that had great influence. Monasticism shares the same values and ideals as the medieval world, and differs from most other religions in its focus on eternity
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