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Describe the Black Plague and how it affected Europe - Essay Example

The pandemic was huge and had far-reaching effects in Europe (Cohn 703). This paper will describe further the Black Plague, the way in which it spread, and how it affected Europe. It is believe that the Black Plague that spread to Europe first broke out in China in the early 1330s. Although the plague largely affects rodents, it can be transmitted to humans through fleas. Once humans are infected, other humans can rapidly and easily be infected (Zahler 25). Considering that China was among the busiest nations in the world trade at the time, it took a short time for the outbreak of the plague in the country to spread to Europe and Western Asia. It is believed that Black Plague was spread to Europe in 1347; in October of 1347, a number of Italian merchant ships went to Italy from a trip to the Black Sea, which was an important trade link with China (Cohn 710). When the ships docked in the City of Sicily in Italy, many of those on board were already infected with Black Plague and were dying of the disease. After a few days, the disease had spread within the city, as well as the surrounding countryside. The disease struck and led to the death of many people in Italy at a rapid speed. By the following August, the disease had spread as far as Northern England. ...
During the time of the plague and even after, the disease prompted Europeans to switch their focus towards death. There were so many people dying at astounding rate and therefore it was difficult for them to see something else. In

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How the Black Plague Changed Europe
This paper analyzes in details how the Black Plague radically changed the medieval Europe by killing millions of people. Let us begin by looking at the economic changes in medieval Europe that were brought about by the Black Plague. In 14th century Europe,
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addition, it led to people isolating themselves from each other because they feared catching the plague. Many of the people made attempts of running from the disease only to realize that it would catch up with them regardless of where they went to (Senker 39). This had serious social effects because it drew people away from each other. The focus of people towards death at that time was largely reflected in the artworks such as paintings, glass windows, and stone carvings of people infected with the disease dying. It however allowed many people to employ their literary skills that were uncommon at the time. Many people took opportunity of the plague to write their accounts of the pandemic (Zahler 84). Additionally, this pandemic affected Europe’s economic, social, and religious spheres. It disrupted various aspects of these spheres and this had great effects on the course of European history. The plague killed many poor people and this forced the wealthy landowners to pay the remaining workers what they demanded (Senker 44). There were many consumer goods that were used at the time and this made life better. The pandemic marked the start of the middle class in England and in Europe as a whole. It also affected the religious realm; Christian Church was affected seriously leading to increased harassment of minorities such as foreigners, beggars, and Jews. Besides, since daily survival was not certain, there was a constant morbid mood among people,


Date The Black Plague and how it affected Europe The Black Plague was a disastrous pandemic in the history of humans that was at its peak in Europe between 1347 and 1350. A type of bacteria called Yersinia pestis caused it (Senker 8)…
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Describe the Black Plague and how it affected Europe
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