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Module title: Submission date: Book Summary This paper aims to present a precise but comprehensive summary of Giddens’ work Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics (1994). One of the primary reasons behind exploring the work under review includes the writer’s profound elaboration of political thoughtfulness on the global issues that have been in vogue in the modern times for the last few decades on the one side, and the setbacks and challenges that the age-old notions refer to international relations and political experience at the hands of the rival groups and communities on the other side…
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I attach the file with options on the topic of the BOOK REVIEW
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"I attach the file with options on the topic of the BOOK REVIEW"

Download file to see previous pages Since the debate of left and right has been valid and intact for the last several decades, portraying the images of modern and conservative respectively while exercising power and ensuring good governance, the author strives to depict the realities, concepts and misconceptions associated with it in general in the contemporary times (67). Giddens claims that although modernity has made its sure headway, the imperative significance of traditionalism and conservatism could never be negated or refuted at any cost. It appears to be more explicit in the sense that the previous era rightists used to look for sticking to the age-old ways of life, and used to defend the patterns of their life in a conventional manner; nevertheless, the same characteristics have been shifted to the modern, or leftist, communities, which observe great perils regarding the spread of purported contemporary era radicalism (82–5). As a result, dealing with the radicals has turned out to be a great challenge for the peace-seeking political administrations. Hence, the western societies appear to be maintaining a defensive approach while supporting the modernity at the time when the purported radicals seem to be standing against modern patterns of life with the aim of crushing the ways that are contrary to the social norms and moral values abided by almost all societies of the world for the last centuries to go. Hence, the governments of the developed nations appear to be afraid of the consequences of the reaction of radicals to allowing such freedoms including extra-marital cohabitations, same-sex relationships and marriages, illegitimate pregnancies, government controlled economic activities and application of latest scientific and technological equipment on a massive scale. Thus, the political administrations have to undergo serious reservations because of the perils of a severe reaction to the modern ways of life from the radicals. One of the most distinguished characteristics attributed to the contemporary radicals includes their support of the free market instead of keeping their weight in favour of the government controlled economic system advocated by socialism to be the essential element of a welfare state (136–7). Hence, the concept of welfare state with regard to the socialist economic system seems to be opposed and rebutted by the present-day radicals, who used to organise demonstrations and launch social movements for immediate enforcement of the same (192). Therefore, power appears to be shifting from modernity to radicalism-conservatism in various parts of the globe, and the developed nations have to make strong decisions in order to combat with the opposition from radicals. The Marxist-Socialist perspective, Giddens asserts, looks retrospective while narrating the relation between man and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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