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Gay rights policy - Essay Example

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Gay Rights Policy Introduction The union between two people of the same gender or biological sex is known as same-sex marriage. The conflict over traditional marriages and the same-sex marriages involves several cultural and legislative perspectives. People who oppose such marriages claim the concerns about reproduction, childcare and religious rules as the reasons for their stand…
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Gay rights policy
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"Gay rights policy"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to explore whether such marriages are actually relevant and how far they fit into American federalism. It also explores the way various states view same-sex marriages and the consequences of their laws and enactments. LGBT Rights There is little or nil proof regarding the misconduct of homosexual people. Most of the homosexual couples are ardently religious, are taxpaying citizens and do not indulge in unnecessary violence. Long term studies have proven the children bought up by them are completely capable of living a heterosexual life. Sexual orientation is an object of pure personal taste and choice, rather than a misdemeanour. Hence, it is entirely unacceptable for someone else like the government to intervene in such activities as it is no national, moral or religious threat. History of the Important Homosexuality Acts The total number of households with same-sex partners in the US is estimated to be 2.9 million according the 2000 census. But, it is estimated the number of gay and lesbian people who do not live as couple or have disclosed themselves might reach up to 29 million, ten times the recorded rate. Homosexuality is viewed differently by each state government based on the dominant religious faith followed in the region. Virginia was the first state to declare same gender sex as a criminal act way back in 1610. The case was similar in many European countries too (Cory, 1951). Such views changed drastically by mid-1900's with the voice of the discriminated like the immigrants and the slaves being heard and honoured by the society. Illinois was the first place to decriminalize homosexuality in 1961. Massachusetts became the first state to elect a gay state legislator in 1967. Massachusetts recognized legalized same-sex marriages in 2003 (Morris, 2013). Such acts gathered both public support as well as agitation. President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996 which gave the states the authority to license or cancel the same sex marriages based on their internal beliefs. DOMA was ruled out on June 26, 2013 by the US Supreme Court. The State Statutes and DOMA The US federalism grants majority rights to states to make up their own laws and retains certain important rights with the federal government. DOMA was signed using this feature, granting the states the autonomy to decide whether they can legalize the same-sex marriages or not. Nearly 10 states recognized the same-sex marriages starting from 2001 one after another and granted equal right to the married homosexual couples. But, most of them did little to ensure the disclosed homosexuals are treated equally or protected against discrimination in terms of employment or receiving benefits. Though removal of DOMA have now legalized such marriage and the same-sex couples are naturally entitled to all the parental benefits the normal citizens can receive including the rights to adopt a child. Previously the rules regarding child adaption varied according to each state. Nearly 20 states in the US consider sexual orientation discrimination as an outlaw. Washington D.C. Evasive Role of the State Governments Hate crimes are also punishable in all states under the federal law according to the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. Though it applicable to several Hate crimes from bullying in school to disability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gay Rights Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Gay rights involuntarily transferred to the society. The same reasoning could be applied to smoking laws, traffic laws, and numerous other health regulations. By the same logic, same sex marriage is a private matter that does no direct harm to the safety or security of society. Thus, the society has no right to regulate a behavior that is natural and based upon the destined, genetic orientation of the person based upon the beliefs of the scientific perspective. Furthermore, the actions and beliefs of gay couples do not affect anyone other than the participants involved, and has no external costs to the society. Just as a straight couple’s sexual behaviors or social interactions have little impact on society as a...
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...? (Teacher’s and number) Gay Rights in the Military Introduction The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of former President Bill Clinton caused gays in the military to be discharged and deprived of service benefits. Last year, the US Congress passed a measure repealing this policy, and President Barack Obama signed the measure into law last December 2010 (Montopoli, n.p.). Full implementation of the law is expected soon. This paper seeks to examine arguments which may or may not justify the right of gays, as well as lesbians, to openly reveal their sexual orientation without reprisal from the military establishment. The views...
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...?Anytime one deals with an interest related issue with regards to finance, the central issue of the best means to allocate such a resource ultimatelycomes up. With regards to the given case in point, the central issue is with regards to the best means of how to allocate the limited resources that the particular human rights campaign has with regards to the litany and full range of programs that could benefit the gay and lesbian population. As a function of this level of analysis, the following research will seek to point to the best means of resource allocation with regards to the way in which the utility of the gay and lesbian community might most efficiently be met. Accordingly,...
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...? Gay Rights Same sex acts around the globe have elicited contradicting sentiments following support and condemnation from different quarters, especially in heterogeneous societies. However, in homogenous societies such as the Middle East, which follows a similar code of social norms, there is mainly a single sentiment, but there is also support for homosexual acts. As a result, there is need to look into the rights of gays and lesbians in the Middle East in order to establish acceptance and condemnation of same sex acts. Rights of gays and lesbians in the Middle East are something questionable following the religiosity of the people...
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...Gay and Lesbian Rights The reorganization of gays and lesbians after WWII, as discussed in The Rise of a G&L Movement: the Homophiles Start Over came up against emerging forces that were not present before the war. One of this was the reactionary coalition that sought to weed out all un-American activities, which was seen, as necessary, to weed out communism. While homosexuality did not have anything to do with communism, the power of the US was related to gender with homosexuality being seen as a surrender of one’s masculinity (Adam 56). At around this time, there was already the feeling among the political reactionaries that homosexuality would destroy the American society. This led to...
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...and Allen found in their research that court decisions regarding gay civil rights do not have significant influence upon public opinion about gays. Wald, Button and Rienzo studied gay anti-discriminatory ordinances and policies and found that gay rights policies are important to maintain a balance between the gay and lesbian population and the rest of the society. In support to the research conducted in the past, this paper is going to re-interpret the understanding of the gay rights in America. Methodology Participants There were twenty participants...
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...Gay Rights in America: The United s of America is renowned for the rights and freedoms that it endows upon its citizens. But what is not well recognized is the fact that such rights and privileges are seldom offered the citizens on a platter. Behind every progressive legislative achievement is a long and hard struggle, usually led by the masses. This was true of the abolition of slavery, the New Deal measures of 1930s, the civil rights movement of the 1960s and more. In recent decades, with the gradual acceptance of homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation, its members have made demands for legal recognition. While public perception of...
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...Gay Rights Gay Rights is a much debated topic across the globe owing to different opinions of people belonging to other communities and their remarks that have been antagonistic in most occasions. Whether it is a live in relationship between people of same sex or marriage between them, it has faced infinite challenges from several quarters. According to fundamentalists and orthodox institutions, homosexuality intervenes with the conventions of the piousness of marriage and also states that it would create anarchy in the society. Anita Bryant, the national spokesperson of Florida Citrus Commission and also widely known for her best selling pop albums had lent a strong...
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...Gay rights towards gay marriage Gay rights have been a big social problem in America and many other countries for some last decades. Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996 that protects the marriage rights of gays, since there were many states which had banned gay marriages before 1996. Congress approved the law in 2010, and legalized gay marriages. Gay rights include ceremonial marriages, child adoption, domestic partnership registration on public record, domestic partnership affidavit given by employers to gay...
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...History of Gay Rights History of Gay Rights Gender-related issues are constantly present through the of human history. In recent years, gay rights and homosexuality had been in public spotlight. One of the main questions in terms of the study of gay rights is the origin of the movement aiming for equal legal, political and social rights for the gay people. According to Andryszewski in the book entitled Gay Rights, the movement to promote gay rights did not happen in a single night. It is a long...
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