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Piece ship to Gaza - Essay Example

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Peace Ship to Gaza The Mavi Marmara also known as the Blue Marmara was acquired in 2010 by an NGO in Turkey for the sole reason of being a part of a group of ships that would be directly involved in confronting Israel about the blockade over Gaza. On its way to way to Gaza accompanied by other ships, the Israeli Naval Forces alerted them that there was blockade in the area they were heading to, that is, Gaza, they were ordered to follow the Naval Forces to Ashdod port and on refusal the ships were boarded by the Israel Military (Migdalovitz 2010, p.2)…
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Piece ship to Gaza
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"Piece ship to Gaza"

Download file to see previous pages The reaction brought about by the raid internationally was overwhelming, an investigation was demanded and so was the release of all the A commission was appointed by the government of civilians that had been captured by Israel (Klein 2011, p.57). Israel to look into the matter and its report stated that the Israel Military used force that was within its legal limit but another investigation that was later carried out by the United Nations Human Rights Council cited that there was excessive use of force. The Israel government said that the military men acted in self defense and therefore the report by the United Nations Human Rights Council was biased. The civilians were released and the ship, Mavi Marmara was among the ships that were released back to Turkey and they were accompanied by tugboats that had been sent from Turkey to bring them back (Hughes 2011, p.157). During the journey, no one was allowed to board the Ship, Mavi Marmara, because of the ongoing investigations, they did not want the evidence to be tampered with but the bullet holes and the windows that had been broken were visible . The Israel government apologized through their Prime Minister Netenyahu and agreed to compensate the families of the affected people, those that lost their lives aboard the ships. A compensation agreement between the government of Israel and that of Turkey was reached on conditions that the compensation would only go the members of the family of the people who died on the Mavi Marmara, the Turkey government had to sign an agreement that they would not sue the Israel government and in case of a lawsuit, the monetary compensation would be given back to Israel. Nine activists were killed in the raid and their bodies were carried to Israel for external examination, the results showed that they had died from gun wounds but one could not tell for sure if it was an execution because the bodies had been washed thereby removing the gunpowder residue before being returned to Turkey (Kershner). A funeral service was held in Istanbul and later the bodies transported to their hometowns for individual burial; in addition to the deaths, dozens were wounded, after the takeover of the ship was complete, the medical personnel of Israel Defense Forces then treated them and no deaths of the injured ones were reported. In addition to the people who were on the Mavi Marmara ship, others who were aboard other ships were beaten and injured by weapons that were less lethal; they were hospitalized in Israel for treatment. It was reported that some activists refused medical treatment saying that they would prefer to die as heroes; some went as far as removing the medical equipment, on the Israel troop, seven soldiers were reported to have been injured in the raid. Many videos showing the incident were released, they were taken using night vision technology and they showed the soldiers being hit by metal pipes and chairs by the activists. After the boarding, the activists were put in custody so that they can await their deportation, while the Israel government also had plans to prosecute some activists on grounds of assault of its troops. The activists claimed that during interrogations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Piece Ship to Gaza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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