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Similarities between Odysseus and Creon - Research Paper Example

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The paper revolves around the characteristics of two characters. These are Odysseus and Creon. Creon and Odyssey tend to share a number of similarities. None of the characters seems to be entirely good or bad. Creon is known to have come up with a harsh law that discouraging people from mourning Polyneices. …
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Similarities between Odysseus and Creon
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, similarities and differences of Odysseus and Creon are defined. Creon and Odysseus appeared to be flawed in their character. Creon appeared to have excessive pride. He claimed to have exclusive power to give orders in the entire city. As the king, he was the only one issuing orders in the city. His character came out as domineering and insensitive. Creon is a strong leader who is stubborn. This causes him to be at loggerheads with his son, Haimon. He is blamed for the death of Haimon besides warning that he would never marry a lady of his choice as long as he lived. For king, Odysseus, his curiosity made him appear flawed. His curiosity caused him to get near Polyphemus. This resulted in the death of two men. He insisted on waiting for a giant at the Cyclops cave. The death of king Oedipus did not end the desire by his family to continue occupying the palace. Creon shows public support for Eteocles while he announced that Polynices is an enemy of the state. However, he sets a trend of revenge and death in the family. The daughter of king Oedipus defies the order of Creon. The order to execute Antigone faces opposition from Haimon, Ismane and Teirresias. For king Odysseus, the biggest setbacks in the journey home came from the gods who accused him of insensitivity to their needs. Both characters suffer from not meeting the set out expectations. Another striking similarity about both characters is that they get punished in retribution for their crimes. Their punishment exceeded the crimes they committed. Creon was left by himself after he was bereaved of his kinsfolk. This came after he punished Antigone (Beye, 17). According to Creon, Haimon was so young to die. The queen was reported dead according to a messenger. Most of the family members committed suicide leaving him alone. This appeared to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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