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Hesiod Works and Days - Assignment Example

In the poem the gods are synonymous with the universe (cosmos). The poem illustrates the disorderly behavior of the gods. It is the grace of the Muses that enables the choir to sing and the dancers to twirl. On the material day, the Muses gave Hesiod a staff of laurel to illustrate his new status and inspired him by exhaling the “divine voice” directly into the lungs of Hesiod (Hesiod, 2004, p. 289). The divine voice gave Hesiod the ability to sing and the knowledge of the songs themselves changing the lifestyle of the shepherd. The songs were that told stories mainly true stories. They comprise of the brutish tales of the kings and wars. Hesiod writings do not only give us insight into the superstitions of antiquity. Consequently, the analysis of Hesiod’s writings indicates the dawn of western literary tradition (Rosenmeyer, 2001, p. 45). The Theogony is the main work of Hesiod that ensured he received a prominent prize has he records in the later poem entitled Works and Days. In the poem, Hesiod describes the history of the cosmos, indicating the birth of each cosmic entity. In addition, by tracing back on to the cosmic ages, Hesiod characterizing the successive usurpations of the divine royalty and illustrate the ultimate holy order under the leadership of Zeus. The leadership is reflected in the poem of Hesiod. The Pandora The Pandora myth comes from the works and days in the lines 60-105. Hesiod illustrates and explains the scope of misery she inflicts on human kind. Pandora comes

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with her jar which contains burdensome toil and sickness that bring death to men. Prometheus fearing the plagues in the Pandora warned his brother Epimetheus not to accept gifts from Zeus, but he did not listen. After receiving the Pandora, Epimetheus scattered the contents of the jar leading to the evils in the society. However, not all the contents of the jar were released (Hesiod, 2004, p. 198). Hope was not released in the process. It was the only thing left within her unbreakable. Elpis is hope and the failure to come out of the jar is not fully explained in the process leading to serious challenges in the society. Hesiod closes the poem by stating that it was not possible to escape the mind of Zeus. The failure to release Elpis indicates the power of the evil spell released from the jar. The engagement of the gods in the process led to the creation of several issues that are good, but also affects the society negatively including the issues of cyclones and other destructive forces. The anthropomorphic aspects of the Hesiod cosmology are fascinating and can be illustrated by the mythological telling of the actual events. For instance, the accession of Zeus to the throne and the establishment of the new world order was a result of law (Rosenmeyer, 2001, p. 98). After the defeat of Chronos by Zeus, Zeus couples with Themis which illustrate the marriage of authority to natural order which gives birth to lawfulness (Eunomia). Other children in the marriage include Justice (Dike) and Peace (Eirene). Coupling with Msemonye gave rise to Muses who gave Hesiod the ability to sing and understand knowledge. The other historic event addressed in Theogongy is the Prometheus which means contract. Prometheus brokers contract between the gods and man. Prometheus places two piles of the body of an ox and tricks Zeus to choose the one that was naught, but bones and fat. The move established that the sacrifices to the gods would be burnt offerings of


Analysis of Works and Days Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction The Theogony of Hesiod is a story that illustrates the interconnection between the existence of the gods and humanity. The power of the gods to change the ability of humans is illustrated in the story of Hesiod…
Hesiod Works and Days
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