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Federalists had better argumernt about the costitution and they should work toward common good - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Federalists Had a Better Argument about the Constitution and They Should Work toward a Common Goal Introduction The numerous papers written by the federalists such as the James Madison to urge the anti-federalists New Yorkers to ratify Constitution expounds on the arguments of the federalists on the new Constitution…
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Federalists had better argumernt about the costitution and they should work toward common good
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"Federalists had better argumernt about the costitution and they should work toward common good"

Download file to see previous pages Will democracy function better in a larger heterogeneous community or a smaller homogenous? From the arguments presented, I believe democracy will function in a larger heterogeneous community than a small homogenous one. Madison (56) makes an argument favoring large republics unlike small republics for choosing “fit characters” in public voice representation (62). The probability of electing competent representatives is broader in a larger republic where the candidates and the voters numbers are greater. This is because of the wide option available to the voters. It is easier to fool the voters in a small republic by the candidates and harder in a larger one (Madison 62). Additionally, in a small republic, existence of variety of parties is low compared to large republics where parties are many. Therefore, in small republics, it would be easier to work and agree to accomplish their ideas. However, in a large republic, different interests will be greater hence harder to determine the majority (Miroff 20). For a long time many people have had arguments against the new Constitution with many claims that governance in United States as a democracy or a republic would be too large and had many factions as they used to refer to political parties by then. As much as Madison (56) acknowledged existence of numerous differing factions or groups, he further indicates that a democratic form of government whereby ideal rule of the majority is used would control the factions and make them cooperate and work together possibly. Furthermore, republican government created in the proposed federalists new Constitution provided the factions avenues to express their ideas and influence government’s workings by ensuring their members are appointed or elected to offices (Madison 56). Moreover, Madison (60) further states that minority groups with no doubt will be protected as the factions will have to negotiate their differences. In this manner, the republic will create a government system in which the majority will rule. However, the ideas and the suggestions of the minority will have to be considered by the government. Miroff (19) further points out that the many existing factions would imply that no single faction will be able to take full government control. Consequently, this will give rise to politics at the time as all parties will fight to dominate. Should elected representatives vote based on their superior expertise and greater sense of the common good or should they base their vote on the views of their constituents Voting enables citizens to voice their interest and to practice his/her Constitutional rights. However, due to existence of factions, violence exists. Factions according to Madison (60) mean a collection of people united by the same passions, interest and beliefs. To pursue and to realize these common goals, they don’t regard the other citizens’ rights especially the minorities. Madison (59) further affirms that the groups when assembled to form majority, always have a problem with governments that are supported by the people. From the federalists’ point of view, it comes out clearly that they proposed elected representatives unlike the voting of common citizens. According to Miroff (28), the most common and long lasting source of the groups or factions is unequal property distribution. Distinct interests are formed in the society among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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