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Was the American entry into WWI justifiable Why or why not And, was the american intervention in Vietnam justifiable why or w - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructress: Date: United States Interventions’ Justifications 1. World War 1 According to majority of the historians, the American intervention in World War 1 was considerably justifiable. There are several underpinning reasons behind the decision but it is still quite vague in order to deduce a concrete result…
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Was the American entry into WWI justifiable Why or why not And, was the american intervention in Vietnam justifiable why or w
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Extract of sample "Was the American entry into WWI justifiable Why or why not And, was the american intervention in Vietnam justifiable why or w"

Download file to see previous pages At that time, maintaining neutrality was very difficult to maintain for USA. The main rationale was the threat of German invasion over the US. They were approaching Mexico to invade the entire country. For the sake of national defense, President Wilson declared war against German empire on April 2, 1917. The submarine or U-Boat attacks on American trading activity were also not ignorable. If we want to outline the major heads as the underlying reasons, following points will justify the intervention in war: U-Boats or submarine attacks Breakdown of Sussex Pledge Lusitania was sinking Telegram from Zimmerman The actual threat that came from Zimmerman was down point where no more patience could be exercised. By observing the clear threat in the telegram, American President finally decided to declare the war which was already going on in Europe. Some critiques also state that America just took the sympathies from the stakes by cunningly entering in to the war. On the other hand, they just made the reasons justified by their own however the situation was still controllable without putting in to the war. 2. Vietnam War The so called reason given by America is prevention of communism spread. The war ended up with failure at high cost of human and monetary damages. It swallowed the lives of 58,000 American soldiers. A large number of militants were permanently disabled because of high stress and continuous warfare activities for long. Historically, it has been notified as a terrible mistake made by American administration. The war involved a huge quantity of chemical spread was over run in Vietnam. For example, nearly 10 percent of the country was intensively sprayed by seventy two million liters of the dangerous chemicals including Agent Orange. That excessive chemical invasion not only affected local citizens but also impugned the lives of American troops in Vietnam. The dioxin that contained Agent Orange influenced the irrigation and water supply system negatively. Along with this, it caused long term effects over the new child births. The new children were getting birth with numerous disabilities like limbless children. The adverse effects of the war still persist in several areas of Vietnam. For instance, it has been reported in 2003 that 650,000 people in the country are still facing post war problems in numerous ways. The main reason was chemicals which were dropped in an unlimited number. The underlying war also caused ill reputation at the end of USA amongst the contemporaries for such a inhumane and terrible warfare. Comparison Vietnam War is often referred to as a misguided warfare while the WW-I had a clear agenda of defense and security. US had to face an open defeat will huge losses with reference to Vietnam War whereas in World War I, US complied with the decided and declared agenda. People favor for the WW1 but it is opposite in case of Vietnam War. The purpose of Vietnam War was economic but the WW1 had a purpose of defense. The administration used only needed and contemporary weapons in the WW1 that did not leave adverse after effects but Vietnam War caused long term excessively horrible effects over the country, people’s health and the overall environment. American economy and budgetary system had to face a huge loss in term of man power (militants) as well as in monetary term. People in US were quite distressed because of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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