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Ancient Persian Cuisines and Dinning Rituals - Research Paper Example

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The Persian cuisine and dining ritual also known as the Iranian cuisine has its traditional modes passed to the modern Iranians. Interestingly, the culinary of the Iranians is unique within the Middle East…
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Ancient Persian Cuisines and Dinning Rituals
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"Ancient Persian Cuisines and Dinning Rituals"

Download file to see previous pages For example, the Mesopotamian, Central Asia and the Anatolian cuisines are some cuisines that have influenced the Persian cuisine such as ice cream and kebab (Batmanglij 2011, 34). Some of these Persian cuisines rice that is served along with meat, basmati rice served with stew, soup made from herbs and vegetables, pure white rice, pastries, salad, appetizers, desserts and drinks (Batmanglij 2011, 34). Notably, the Iranian people love rice although they have an extensive list of cuisines. Logically, the Persian community loves to take green herbs together with fruits. This includes fruits like quince, plums, prunes, raisins, pomegranates and apricots (Batmanglij 2011, 35). Typically, the Iranians love meat, rice, fish, chicken and lamb. Moreover, they work hard to ensure that they take a balanced diet but add some flavor (Ghanoonparvar 2006, 67). Consequently, cinnamon, saffron, parsley and lime are some of the spices used in making special dishes. In summary, the Persian cuisine and dinning ritual that is intriguing and exciting to adapt into the daily dishes. Evidently, rice is a common Persian dish. There are different modes devised in cooking to ensure that the meals had a different touch. Sometimes, the rice is served with marinated chicken or served as saffron ice-cake (Batmanglij 2011, 97). Historically, rice was imported from India into Iran. For instance, the basmati rice is an import from India while Pakistan rice is definitely from Pakistan but is similar to that of Persia. On the other hand, rice is seen as a staple food in northern Iran. However, the rest of the Iranians consider bread as their staple food. Interestingly, the aroma of the Persian rice caused it to be a prized cuisine. In summary, rice and bread are the main staple foods in Persia. Logically, every community has its ways of preparing its cuisines. Therefore, the Persians have their ways of preparing different rice cuisines. The common ones are Tah-deeg, damy and kateh, alongside others (Ghanoonparvar 2006, 79). One is soaking of rice in salt water, followed by boiling. This is called chelo, which is returned for steaming after boiling. Consequently, the rice becomes fluffy, and the grains are not sticky. The other is Tah-deeg, which has a golden crust at the bottom of the pot (Ghanoonparvar 2006, 79). This rice is taken plainly but is eaten alongside bread of potato slices. On the other hand, there are additions of nuts, meat, fruits and vegetables. Interestingly, all these additions can be served together in one meal. Interestingly, the heat is lowered when the chelo is still in the pot then covered with a piece of cloth so that it absorbs the steam (Ghanoonparvar 2006, 81). This chelo is plain and is mainly served with kebab or stew. However, chelo and polo are more or less cooked in the same way. On the other hand, kateh is rice that is cooked until water is completely dry. This is the most traditional mode of cooking rice. Finally, the preparing of the damy is more like kateh, one starts with other ingredients such as beans. Damy is stemming of the rice. In summary, there are different methods used in the preparation of rice, which makes a difference to each rice meal. The other major additions in the Persian cuisines are vegetables and fruits. Luckily, Iran is known for its wide production of vegetables and fruits. Consequently, most homes in Persia will have a fruit bowl on their tables. Moreover, most meals are accompanied with herbs and vegetables. Additionally, Persians have promoted eating fruits and vegetables because of the health benefits they have on them. As a result, some vegetables like garlic, pomegranate and onion are included in the cooking of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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