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1.Senator Jim Inhofe Like many senators, Jim Inhofe’s career began within the local and state politics. As such, he was a member of his state legislature during much of the 1960s and 70s. After this, he campaigned and loss the gubernatorial campaign of 1974…
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Paper 2 : Vote Smart
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"Paper 2 : Vote Smart"

According to research done with regards to recent and past campaign finance, it is been determined that some of the largest contributors to Senator Jim Inhofe’s campaign have been the oil and gas industry as well as compliments of public utilities and industry. As such, these particular topic owners represent a powerful level of interest groups that doubtless have a disproportionate level of control over the way in which Senator Inhofe makes decisions and votes on key items of interest.. For the most part, Inhofe’s voting record can be defined as one that exhibits an extremely level of fiscal conservatism. This is so much the case that he even voted against the 1987 budget of his own party, but for by Pres. Ronald Reagan; which called for increased defense spending as well as increase spending on many other areas of the economy. Similarly, with regards to some of the actions that I appreciate with regards to my current Senator, these can be understood with regards to the overall fiscal conservatism that he promotes. In such a way, senators such as Inhofe are able to see beyond party lines, even going against their own party, as a means of seeking to reduce the overall level of debt and financial obligation that the United States system must integrate with. Likewise, with regards to a particular aspect of Inhofe’s leadership and political views that this student does not espouse, this is with regards to the level and extent to which he does not believe that enemy combatants should be provided the same rights and privileges that prisoners of war are obligated to have as a result of the Geneva Convention. With regards to whether or not I would vote again for Senator Jim Inhofe, the answer to this is yes. One of the most effective means by which she has represented his unyielding support of the individuals he represents is with regards the fact is willing and able to go up against his own party as a means of representing the needs of his constituents. As a function of this, I respect the decisions and choices that Inhofe has made. 2.Senator Thomas Coburn Likewise, the junior senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn began his political career in a much different way than did the senior senator which is already been discussed. Graduating with a BS in accounting, Coburn set out to manage a manufacturing operation involving ophthalmic’s located in Virginia. Growing the company from a mere 13 employees to 350, the firm was soon able to capture 35% market share of the United States. After the runaway success that Coburn experience within the business world, he set out and graduated from Oklahoma medical school with honors in the year 1983 pursuing medical practice for some time, Coburn also was active in his local church as a deacon. Coburn began his career as a House of Representatives member in 1994 when he ran against and defeated incumbent Mike Synar. As promised, Coburn only served three terms in the house before retiring. However, Coburn again into politics as he sought and won a Senate seat in 2004. Again as promised, Coburn claims he will vacate the Senate seat in the year 2016 to honor his self-imposed two-term limit. From a brief review of some of the entities that most heavily donate to calm Coburn’s career, these include but are not limited to, Koch Industries, UBS, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Emergent Biosolutions, and a host of others. In such a manner, it can be understood that Tom Coburn’ Read More
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(Paper 2 : Vote Smart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Paper 2 : Vote Smart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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