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In considering the time period of 1865 to the present, is the American story one of oppression or success Victory on the par - Essay Example

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American History since 1865(Oppression) Name: Institution:        American History since 1865 ( Oppression) Introduction America is a nation that has undergone many transformations like the industrial revolution and the Europeans colonization. In the process of these transformations, many people have suffered while other have benefitted from the changing economic and political environments of America…
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In considering the time period of 1865 to the present, is the American story one of oppression or success Victory on the par
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"In considering the time period of 1865 to the present, is the American story one of oppression or success Victory on the par"

Download file to see previous pages The rich have thrived for long while the poor have remained in abject poverty. For instance, during the gilded age, the large corporations, which were owned by the elite, influenced the market. Moreover, the industries manufacturing various commodities were regulated by influential politicians and rich businessmen and women (Unger and Debi 41).1 This led to great disparities in the social realm. In this regard, the poor were exploited because of lack of financial power. Democracy was not practice because the majority were poor hence they could not manage to marshal required numbers to oppose the rich. Even the labor unions could not protect the rights of the vulnerable workforce because the industrial leaders were corrupt. However, the oppression of the wealthy became unbearable culminating in reprisals from the workforce, women and the Black people. They capitalized on politics in their advances. For instance, they used the People’s party in order to present their grievances to the Authorities. These groups faced oppression of different forms like prejudice and social segregation and racial discrimination. The emphasis of a class society was also a means of oppression and exploitation especially at their workplaces ( Burnley 29). ...
The understanding of the oppressors was that competition was warranted in order for the social and financially fit people to survive while the poor forever remained in anguish and agony. In this regard, any support for the poor from the government side was highly criticized by the high social class people. This implied that it was the wish of the poor to remain in their low social status. However, the farmers who were also oppressed were supported by some white in their fight for their rights (Burnley 34). This group of the white people had formed their own group called the populist movement, which advocated for the rights of all farmers regardless of color or race. Since many blacks never owned parcels of land, it became difficulty for them to engage their oppressors in a formidable battle. The black farmers formed their own movement called the colored farmers Alliance. This alliance was used by the black to specifically orchestrate strikes for the workforce who picked cotton. This contributed in the fight for the freedom of Blacks in America. This did not succeed because the politicians warned of the resurfacing of Negro supremacy. There discrimination against the black workforce continued. This resulted in high levels of unemployment for the black American community .Moreover, the blacks were excluded from voting. This was conducted through deliberate subjection of the blacks into literacy tests and understanding of the US constitution. ( Finkelman 23).34 This was intended to eliminate the black people from taking part in the voting process and deny them citizenship of the US, which was manifest of a high level of oppression. The worst case of oppression was the loss of Plessey’s case whereby he complained against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In Considering the Time Period of 1865 to the Present, Is the American Essay.
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