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How do diplomacy,economic policies and military action work together in the United States foreign policy - Research Paper Example

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The United States’ Political and Economic Policies Abroad Since the end of the Second World War1, between 1939- 1945, the United States of America has been working tirelessly to expand her territories abroad being the world’s super power. Emerging from the war as the strongest nation in the world in terms of war, the US has been much concerned with the need to build up her capacity as the world’s controller…
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How do diplomacy,economic policies and military action work together in the United States foreign policy
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"How do diplomacy,economic policies and military action work together in the United States foreign policy"

Download file to see previous pages To date, we consider the US as the strongest economic power on the global sphere as well as the strongest nation in the entire world in terms of wars. She has the most sophisticated machinery and military personnel’s than any other country in the world. She has as well the strongest army in the world. Above all, the economy of America has overtaken any economy in the entire world at present. The world’s economic base is pegged on the dollar monopoly whereby the US dollar is used as the world’s medium of exchange and for business transactions across the entire globe. It is only the United States currency which has been accepted as the medium of exchange for all international business transactions and not the other currencies. Even though the European pound is also used for international business transactions, it is the US dollar which dominates the global market. The European pound has only been used to a limited scale especially among the nations making up the European Union and a few of her colonies. Heo and Karl (2004) argue that the stability of the United States monopoly of the world has however been threatened by some other rising world economies (Heo and Karl 2004). These other small economies which have been rising to keep at purr with the US economy include that of Japan and China. These economies however have not reached the levels of being able to control the world economy as the United States has managed. There is power in the extent or the area of land and the total population commanded by a state to be considered powerful. The small economies mentioned above have not been able to make it to the global sphere because of their small land sizes as well as their small populations. In terms of military specialization and war dominations, the world has been looking forward to the development of nuclear weapons for purposes of war. Many nations considered to be among the strongest nations in the world have developed very technical and sophisticated war machines. Wang has listed some of these such as South Korea among others. These countries have as well developed very lethal nuclear weapons which have been considered a major source of threat to the entire world (Wang 1999). As a result there have been rumors of wars as well as some other wars fought between various nations of the world. The rumors of wars are what the political analysts and war experts refer to as the cold war and begun some years ago. In order to maintain the economic, political and military power, the united states knows very well that she has to employ certain techniques to enable her survive in her position. This paper will investigate how the United States of America has been using her political, economic and diplomatic mechanisms in her foreign policies to rue the entire world and to establish herself as the world’s super power. 2 The monopoly of the US economy and military power has been threatened by some countries today forcing the US to revise her stand on how she controls and rule the world. Some of the states which have posed threats to US of late include Iran, Syria among others (Kegley 1998). These are mostly the Arab nations. These countries have made America to realize the need to strengthen her missions abroad and change the overall process of monitoring the world’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Do diplomacy,economic Policies and Military Action Work Together Research Paper.
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