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The building of the interstate highway system - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: American Civil Rights Movement Introduction The American Civil Rights Movement was a mass protest, which was against discrimination and racial segregation in southern United States. The American Civil Rights Movement came into national prominence during the period of mid-1950s…
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The building of the interstate highway system
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"The building of the interstate highway system"

Download file to see previous pages These civil rights were granted during the Fourteenth and the Fifteenth amendments were done to the US Constitution. There were also continued struggles during the following century to effectively secure federal protection in regard to the granted rights (Green and Harold 3). These struggles used various ways to express what they actually wanted by use of nonviolent protests. It was during the periods of between the 1950s and the 1960s when the civil rights movements attained the abolishment of race discrimination in public facilities in the south that they were more motivated to continue with their struggles. This was a breakthrough since they had achieved the equal-rights legislation basically for the African Americans. This was a humongous achievement since the 1865-1877 periods that was referred to as the Reconstruction period. The passage of the fundamental civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965 did not deter the civil movements even though the passages were victorious to them. The militant black activists perceived their struggle as being a liberation or freedom movement that was meant not just to seek civil rights reforms but also they were to confront the enduring cultural, economic, and political consequences of the past racial oppression (Banting 4). The American Civil Rights Movement Historical Framework of Development Abolitionism to Jim Crow: It is evident that the American history is marked by determined and persistent efforts that have led to the expansion of the inclusiveness and the scope of civil rights. Recent research has show that despite equal rights being elaborately outlined in the United States founding documents, a lot of new inhabitant’s in the country were denied the essential rights. Indentured servants and African slaves were not accorded the inalienable right to pursuit of happiness, liberty and life that the British colonists utilized to validate their Declaration of the American Independence. They were also not included among the people of the US who had established the US Constitution for the purposes of promoting general welfare and securing the noble Blessings of the people of America and their posterity. The US Constitution instead only protected slavery through the allowance of slaves’ importation until 1808 and it also provided for the return of slaves that had escaped to the other states (Adamson 11). Research also elaborately shows that as the US effectively expanded its boundaries, the Native American people resisted absorption and conquest. The individual states determined the majority of the American citizens’ rights by limiting generally the voting rights that only allowed the white property-owning males. The other rights that individual states determined were the right to serve on juries and the right to own land. The Native American people were denied all these rights on the basis of gender or racial distinctions. Only a small portion of the African Americans lived outside the system of slavery but those who were referred to as free blacks endured enforced segregation as well as racial discrimination. Although there were slaves who rebelled violently against enslavement, other subordinated groups and the African Americans usually used nonviolent means. These nonviolent means included pleas, protests, legal challenges and various petitions that were addressed to the government officials and they also used massive and sustained civil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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