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Are there any political implications for David Cameron, in regards to the current welfare reform policy - Essay Example

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Are there any political implications for David Cameron, in regards to the current welfare reform policy? Name Tutor Course Are there any political implications for David Cameron, in regards to the current welfare reform policy? Introduction This project will examine if there are any political implications for David Cameron regarding the current welfare reform policy…
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Are there any political implications for David Cameron, in regards to the current welfare reform policy
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"Are there any political implications for David Cameron, in regards to the current welfare reform policy"

Download file to see previous pages His contributions to the current welfare policies are evident in the linking of benefits to wages, which have helped to cut inflation. David Cameron might have influenced the welfare reform policy when he implemented the twenty thousand dollars a year cap to help in housing benefits. Suggestions made by Cameron concerning young people not being entitled to benefits until they pay their contributions, might have contributed to the current welfare reform policies. However, there were some individuals who were against the opinion (Blond, 2009). Some of the reasons as to why this research topic is worth studying are evident from some of the claims that were made by Cameron concerning the welfare reform policy. For example, one of the claims by Cameron is evident from his statements when he claimed that claimants were supposed to undertake work in return for the benefits they had obtained within six months of unemployment. In his attempt to implement the welfare policy, Cameron also argued that individuals, who were on the sickness benefit, were supposed find ways of improving their health to cut on the government’s expenditure. However, such proposals lead to debates from the public. There are also suggestions that were made by Cameron regarding the welfare reform policy that are thought to have had political implications. ...
When he suggested that housing benefits be removed for persons under the age of 25 years. He also suggested that the issue of regional benefits be examined to fit the cost of living. It is thought that some of these proposals that were made by Cameron might have been a representation of his political shift in the management of the coalition. This is because sources indicate that Cameron did acknowledge that some of the proposals he made could not be delivered in concert with the liberal democrats. Cameron also stated that some of the proposals that were made had to wait for a conservative majority of the government until the year 2015. Cameron might have had political implications because he stated that his intentions were to set out the country for the next election (Daguerre, 2005). Research suggests that Cameron might have had political implications, because of reactions that were obtained from other politicians like Danny Alexander. Who claimed that to ensure the welfare reform policy is implemented, focus should be placed on the introduction of universal credit. This research question is worth studying because it is evident that arguments have been arising concerning the implementation of the welfare reform policy. Cameron insists that other politicians should not use compassion to measure the size of the welfare cheque. Young people aged 25 years also think that Cameron was against their development when he advocated for a stop in their housing benefits. Other politicians also argued that implementing the welfare reform policy by cutting the tax credits was wrong (Davies, 2007). Academic research carried out on the topic reveals that there were political implications of the welfare reform policy. This is because some of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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