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Politics surrounding Main character V in movie V for Vendetta - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Politics in V for Vendetta The movie, which is a production of the novel by Moore and Lloyd, has several instances that call for political action to end totalitarian authorities in the society. The setting is in the Great Britain in 1988 and the theme is a struggle by one of the citizens to oppose tyranny and oppressive authority (Billias 200)…
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Politics surrounding Main character V in movie V for Vendetta
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"Politics surrounding Main character V in movie V for Vendetta"

Download file to see previous pages He nurtures tactics of surveillance and detection. He can turn deceptive to catch to attack the opponent. The sad experiences that V encounters prepared him, for the fight against the oppressors. He puts on a mask that acts a means of defense against his opponents. There are solemn political issues in the movie that drive the V to undertake his missions. Character V is unsatisfied by the nature of control by the British government in the movie. His reactions, therefore, have their basis on political concerns. The way through which the government leads the people is stressful and initiates opposition from the citizens. Character V is a representative of all the citizens forced to endure the atrocities of the oppressive government. Through his tactics, V fights against the forces promoting the oppression of citizens. The violent strategies applied by V in the movie are not to promote destruction in the country, but the desire to bring change. Political environments are inconsiderate of the rights of the people. The government does not grant the citizens civil liberty, for instance. Several curfews created by the government restrict the free movement of the citizens and deny them the freedom to interact and socialize. Such environment prompts the decision by V to oppose the regime by killing officials who are inconsiderate citizens' rights. There is a notable lack of interest by the public, which allows the government to violate the civil rights of the citizens. V calls on the society members to rise against to condemn the political actions in the society. The oppressors do not recognize the privacy of the citizens and undertake surveillance over their conducts without their awareness. According to V, the government does not administer freedom and liberty according to its officials claims. The nation is poor, and the citizens are suffering. All the plight of the citizens, according to V, result from failure by the government to protect its citizens. The control of the government is brutal, a condition that V would never tolerate as a condition in the country. In his opinion, there is a need for citizens to have a collective resistance against the government and oppose the oppression. The attacks by V and destructions are to sensitize the people to gain courage and advocate for their rights. V intends to have the citizens to launch full support for his actions that oppose the oppressive regime of the government. In V’s view, the continued idleness that the citizens have in addressing the various inhuman conducts of the government is a reason for their prevalence. That should the citizens continue with the reluctance to address the issue, the government is most likely to continue oppressing the citizens. There are scenes of torture that depict the extent of disregard for human rights by the government. Some of the tortures conducted result from political motives. The viewers get an insight of how unwillingness to advocate for change in the society can affect the government’s operations and create an oppressive regime. The government can disregard any right of the citizens when not under serious opposition from the citizens. Citizens, therefore, would continue to suffer. Citizens must have a unitary cooperation that can express their feelings about the government’s ways of conducting normal business. It condemns apathy of the citizens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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