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Politics in Southeast Asia: Abu Sayyaf - Abdullah Badawi - Aceh Independent Movement (GAM) - Democratic Action Party (DAP) - Research Paper Example

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Abu Sayyaf, GAM, Badawi Abdullah Ahmad and (DAP), Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abu Sayyaf (Philippines) This is a terror group associated with Muslims in Philippines. It is the worst separatist terror group and is based in South Philippines. Through terror, the group extorts money and carries out her jihad activities by bombings, kidnappings and assassinations…
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Politics in Southeast Asia: Abu Sayyaf - Abdullah Badawi - Aceh Independent Movement (GAM) - Democratic Action Party (DAP)
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"Politics in Southeast Asia: Abu Sayyaf - Abdullah Badawi - Aceh Independent Movement (GAM) - Democratic Action Party (DAP)"

Download file to see previous pages In 2002, a report by the CSR indicated that the group had re-emerged more strongly and the government of the nation of Philippines were unable to control them.1 Amongst the reasons that hindered the operations of the government against the group were inadequacy in military power, bad terrain, the concern of the welfare of the hostages and inadequacy in the U.S military support. After an attack that occurred on 11th September, 2001, the government of America stepped in to fight the terror group with the aim of helping the government of Philippines while at the same actualize her commitment in combating terrorism in the world. Having links with the Middle East terror groups, the group finds her strength from the financial support by them and also the ransoms collected through payments of the kidnappings. Her ally terror groups such as the al Qaeda has been instrumental in strengthening the group and hence the threat to operations by the Philippine government. The Abu Sayyaf group is believed to be stiffened by Filipino Muslims with military experience gained in Afghanistan and to have received financial support from external Islamic sources. It has been suggested also that it enjoys a covert relationship with the Moro National Liberation Front which it exploited in protracted negotiations with the Philippines government. GAM (Aceh Independent Movement – Indonesia) This is another separatist group whose operations are based in Indonesia. The Free Aceh Movement has since 1070’s persistently pursued the course of self government for the province though without success. The ideology behind the movement has always been of liberation of the province and ensures strict alienation of all influence by political forces other than that of self governance. Although the movement has faced uncountable challenges in their pursuit in the late 20th century, their re-emergence in post 2000 has been seen strategic. Brutal and fierce military operations meant to destroy the movement characterized the province within 1970’s and 1990s. However, though many leaders and followers died and others ran into exile, there still remained proper coordination of the group through underground processes which kept the group alive. Though Islam holds a critical position for the GAM, it is unlike political affiliation, but a reflection of strong Acehnese cultural identity and solidarity. GAM has a well organized administration which includes the top leadership, majorly operating outside the province and nation, the intermediate level of leadership and the military and finally the ground level organization at the grassroots level. It is also organized into civilian governance and civil military organization. This arrangement was made clear in 2002 when through a meeting; the leadership of the organization was reformed by affirming existing policies as well as instituting new governance policies for the group by the leadership.2GAM has no solid sources of funding. Nevertheless, sources have over time indicated that the operations of the movement are funded via donations from abroad, illegal activities such as drug peddling and kidnappings through which ransoms are demanded. Cease fire negotiations in the recent past failed to fully settle the instability though in the August of 2005, the government and the administration of the GAM had a consensus which led to an agreement. 2005 MOU signing has lead to a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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