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The American empire - Personal Statement Example

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The American Empire Name: Educational Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction An empire is simply an authority and in political interpretation it means a large set of states integrated and governed by an emperor. In a firm description, it is predestined as the noticeable, official, and the dictatorial rule of a set of individuals over others…
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The American empire
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"The American empire"

Download file to see previous pages Previously, a good number of individual’s perspectives were totally on their families and the society, a certain neighborhood was used to form feasible and economical empires which ruled the others. The African and Asian empires which were acquired by the western authorities through the industrialized rebellion came to an end due to foreign law that tore apart the restricted as well as the provincial ways of uniqueness that held the imperial firmness and endurance. The organization wanted neighboring associates but the empire was already paralyzed since the input in the system became impossible. Furthermore, the dominated populations are equipped ready to frustrate the colonial imperative. This is strengthened by the simplicity at which everything is flowing in the regions and largely the globe (Parsons, 2012) In real sense, the Roman has extremely so minimal significances to the current America. The United States and the orthodox Rome have a common blissful and afflicted exceptionalism. This was experienced in America when Winthrop uplifted his people who wanted to inhabit the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the seven hills. From this time, different head of states described America in a similar way as how Cicero described the Romans and the faultless urban in the leading seven hills. Rome defeated many countries irrespective of their mightiness in different perspective like, corporal power as portrait by the Gaul, unevenness of the Carthaginians, Spanish who had the numbers , Greeks who led in traditions as well as the Latin’s and Italy who astute the intelligence and got the empire (Isaacson, 2007). As cited by Isaacson (2007), the major thing that strengthened the Roman authority for so many years was its triumphant armed forces. Others included the enlargement of the most recent technology as well as the large statistics of the new born alongside a firm council and more assets to keep their expectations. They also had an excellent way of disposing waste, good infrastructure, and good machines for plumbing which other counties including America lacked. In times of war, Rome had to select from its overwhelming list of choices. The defense forces were largely made of very powerful warriors. In addition, they were in possession of incomparable horses, thus the combination was used as a great aspect in war. Using their total strength, on their flanks they enclosed their enemies thus overpowering them (Isaacson, 2007). They progressed unto the time hi tech was used to wreak fatal destruction upon their enemies using blockade equipments. Any nation that was defeated by the Romans profitably increased the treasury and the funds were in turn used by their defense forces in purchase of newest arms as well in encouraging the soldiers. By these attacks they claimed so many countries including Spain, France, and Italy, just to mention but a few. The Roman Empire also brought into knowledge the Christianity religion to Europeans, a fact that makes it of great influence to many things that were set to happen afterwards and this altered the globe at large. They will forever be remembered and honored for their strong principles, way of life and inventiveness. In contrast to other states like the earlier Roman Empire, America fails to satisfy the ever rising discussion of whether it is a modern empire since the normal form of imperialism rule is no longer a consideration in the present ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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