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Problem Set : Unit 4 - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Subject 22nd April 2013 Question 1 Thomas was on a trip to Japan when he was referring to the story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He was focusing on the issue of globalization, and how people get along beside the differences in life. Thomas focused on the important of belong to a group, community, tribe or a nation…
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Problem Set : Unit 4
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the issue of globalization makes Thomas remember the Marquez’s novel ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’. Globalization ensures specialization in production in order to realise full potential of human being. According to Marquez story, people can live for a hundred years no matter how little one remembers of yesterday. Marquez refer to a village that has suffered a rare condition of forgetfulness and which was contagious. It is the action of one young man who was not affected that ensured all was well with his people. He put labels to everything to minimise the damage of the condition. Therefore, because people cannot remember all that we learn or know through experience, we should not lose focus on whom we belong to because that is what will save us in adversities. Question 2 a) Comparative advantage was a term coined by economist David Ricardo. It explains a country ability to produce goods and services at a lower price than other countries. The country that has a comparative advantage produces at a lower opportunity cost than others. In a hypothetical situation between Sycamoria and Hoosierstan countries, we assume that Sycamoria is endowed by good climatic condition for the growth of grape while Hoosierstan is a land full of lumber. Given that the two countries have a relatively small difference in latitude one has a comparative advantage in production of grape or matches. Hoosierstan has a comparative advantage in production of matches due to its proximity to lumber and Sycamonia has a comparative advantage in production of grapes. Therefore, for any meaningful trade to take place the two countries must specialise in production of goods and services that they have lower opportunity cost in production. b) Off-shoring involves importation of cheap labour by manufacturing companies to maximise on profits. The concept of comparative advantage in this case means establishing manufacturing companies that are labour intensive in countries that have abundant cheap labour force. Question 3 The most realists’ way of dealing with States nuclear technology is through negotiation. The accused country ought to give way for international inspection while allowing negotiation to take place. Question 4 Natural law is a set of laws or body derived from nature and are bidding on human actions. It is an ethical belief that is inherent in nature and guided by reason rather than disclosure. Natural law is most useful in international politics because it guides in understanding the difference of other laws. Question 5 Pinker document that the world today’s is a safe place than it was decade s ago. He says that the reason for the decline in violence is due to ‘pacification process.’ Pinker says countries that have legitimised government comprise of states monopoly whose main roles are to protect citizens from aggression and violence. This is different from it was in the past centuries when people lived in anarchy (Pinker33). Pinker also says that the decline in violence can be attributed to civilization process. In today’s world on few countries execute those convicted of murder. European countries, for example, do not have laws that allow death sentence. He attributes the civilization process to monopolization of force by the States. The Enlightenment period in the 17th to 18th century brought tremendous changes in how human being treated fellow human being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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